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OVERSTEER's Online Battle Series Version 2.0 Grab the latest update of this popular rfactor mod.

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OVERSTEER's Online Battle Series

Version 2.0


Installer: ASAP.

Installer Mirrors: ASAP


Rar Mirror:


Alternate Skyline Sounds

Improved cams

Installation and Release Notes:


As this is a Fresh install, and not an update -

If you have an existing OBS install (ie: Version 1.0), you must delete your GameDataVehiclesOBS DRIFT MOD folder BEFORE you use the installer/rar.

To install the rar file - if your rFactor folder is called rFactor, you can just extract it to that folder

If your rFactor folder is called something else, just extract the rar somewhere, and copy it's contents into your rFactor folder.

*new TEMP car replaces the default TEMP car, if you do not want this to happen back up your original before installation.

The New SHOWROOM overwrites rFactor's existing showroom, if you do not want that to happen back up the follow files in your Gamedata/Vehicles folder: showroom.mas & vview.scn

Release notes:


+new Suspension

+new Interiors, with working Gauges (Known Gear display bug)

+new Underbodies and FMIC's

+new Sounds and BOV's

+updated FFB

+updated Steering feel and straight line handling

+added New UI

+added 2 new AE86 wings

+added Multiple new sets of Rims

+added Improved damage modelling, with detachable bumpers

+added Working Brake lights

+added Working Headlights and Tail lights for the S15 and S13

+added New Exhausts, with exhaust flame

+added New skins, making a total possibly in excess of 100

+added New Driver model

+added FMIC, Seats, Wing and Driver Skinning ability

+added new TEMP car*

+added N/A and Turbocharged versions of the AE86 (with individual bodykits)

-removed 350z and RX7, these cars will follow in a soon-to-be released patch.

The updated modelling process unfortunately doesn't agree with these cars, and more time must be put into them (which includes the Soarer).

-Known Bugs (as much as possible will be fixed in the upcoming patch):

Missing Gear Display

Skyline inside windscreen not mirror'd

Some wheels missing backing

Selecting the "no wing" option for an S15 wont remove the wing in the showroom, still works in-game however

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