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Another update to the alpha version, bringing new features to the game as well as various tweaks, in 5 new levels.

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OverLight was just updated to a new version with new features to enrich the gameplay and move it one step closer to the finalized game.

New reinforced blocks, which cannot be broken manually add a new dimension to the gameplay, especially when they clog some strategic place and force you to find a way around them!

And watch out for the cross explosions blocks! When broken they destroy all blocks in the same horizontal and vertical line - even reinforced ones, so you can use them to get rid of them as a last resort, but careful: breaking them manually is costly on your score!

The game now includes five new levels to play with these new blocks and also has finally a lose condition - if you don't manage to burn any blocks in some time, you will lose the game. It's no longer about just collecting points, or rather, there's a point where you'll stop hoarding all the points and have to start anew.

For the sake of testing, I made available all 10 levels from the level select, so you can start any of them (instead of getting to them by finishing the last one), so you can play with them right away, don't get used to it though - you'll have to beat them fair and square in the final version.

There are also some smaller tweaks, like getting a bonus for level completion speed, cursor overlay for better visibility or the amount of points the stars give you.

To get all these new features right away, you have to get the paid alpha:


Lastly, the free alpha got promoted to 0.2a, so if you're not decided if you want to buy it yet, you can try out the not-so-new-anymore features now too.

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