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New alpha brings a level system to the game, allowing you to try 5 at this moment. It also includes first special block - star block and new effects.

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First update for OverLight is here!

It now includes a level system which allows you to progress in the game and currently offers 5 varying levels, so you don't have to play the same test level over and over and over again - instead you can that with five of them now ;-) But don't worry, this is just starting and there's a lot more stuff coming - you can even give your own suggestions.

Another new feature is the star block - in some blocks (starting with the second level) there are trapped shiny stars, which need to be released by burning the block. Once released, catch as many of them as you can (by clicking on them) to get extra points!

There are also few more touches, most importantly - the lasers are now more sparkly when they loop back to themselves!

To get the newest features right now, you need the paid alpha. Otherwise you'll need to wait for the next update, when these features will be moved to free alpha.

The free alpha was updated as well, it now contains tutorial and some new block shapes so you can try out the game, but if you really want to get the cool new stuff first and also support the development, so new cool stuff is added fast, get the paid alpha!

Lastly, here's an interesting video from a glitch (that's already fixed) from the game that made the lasers go berserk, but also made a nice show to watch:

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