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A short summary of what i have planned for a coming release i am planning to bring out before Santa arrives.

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A short summary of what i have planned for a coming release i am planning to bring out before Santa arrives.

Ok so i've been working on alot of coding work to balance out the three factions and very little modeling is getting done aside from adding a few hidden hardpoints to the larger Republic ships.

Biggest project coming - Alliance Building
In GC to build ships employed by the factions within the alliance, you must first build a special structure in orbit. This forces you to decide between the construction of new ships via this building or increase your income via mining asteroids.

Contract Stations
These stations are basically embassies for the member of the alliance they are for. They allow the commander to oversee the sale of their ships to the fleet and maintain the vessels.

Restoration Stations
There shipyards oversee the rebuilding, rearming, conversion and modernization of old vessels from ship graveyards, converted transports and reserved, back into service near perfect to their former power and glory no matter the age.

Available via Starbase
Praetorian-class Armed Transport
Hammerhead-class Armed Transport
Reaper-class Patrol Frigate
Merciless-class Frigate
Unnamed Heavy Frigate

Hutt Contract Station
Versifier-class Corvette
Minstrel-class Fast Frigate

Kuati Contract Station
Longhorn-class Corvette
Templar-class Armored Heavy Frigate
Dreadnaught-class Light Cruiser

Black Sun Contract Station
IPV-1 Fast Corvette
Interceptor-class Frigate
Heavy Interceptor Frigate

Mandalorian Restoration Station
Jehavey-type Missile Frigate
Kyramud-type Heavy Frigate
Aranov-type Cruiser
Mav Manda’yaim - Kandosii-type Dreadnaught - Only at Mandalore
Kyr'am kal - Veragitor-Type Battleship - Only at Kuat

Republic Restoration Station
Foray-class Corvette
Praetorian-class Heavy Corvette
Hammerhead-class Refit
Thranta-class Heavy Frigaate
Shark-class Light Cruiser

As of right now the fighters do not fall within this system.

All fighters in the mod that do not have unassisted hyperdrive will not be buildable in GC. Period.

Larger Knights ships have hidden close ranged Flak Cannons to counter the large number of Droid fighters.

I know there's more but i cant think of it right now

Thank you all.
Emperor Niko


Add a restoration station specific to Corellia. In so many mods, the Corellian Destroyer was spoken of as an older ship built in modules, so that as the ships aged they could be upgraded to become relevant and powerful again. This sounds like a perfect fit for the restoration station profile.

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EmperorNiko Author

Good idea but Corellia is a Republic loyal world that is going to be a major part of the coming story mode i hope to make.

A contract to buy ships from CEC sounds good though.

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So when do you think the update will be released then since it is past the holidays already?

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Is restoration station really a word for such buildings, sound like someone that fixes old cars or something hehe, prob some American word. :D
I don't understand contract station either, the commander oversees the sale to which part exactly?

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EmperorNiko Author

The Restoration Station is a type of shipyard that refits old vessels to modern standerds.

The Contract Station is a hub for buying vessels from their governments that is overseen by a representative from said governments.

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Okay so a place where the buyer can oversee what he is buying?

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