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Radiation, a new enemy, a hardcore base, strategy, and.... a TV.

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After some time an Update!

the game has been through some improvements,graphically and in some part of the gameplay mechanics...


Rotating death

A new base type added,the power plant,avoid the crates while also avoiding enemies and the lasers.

Basically in this type of base or level,you explore the base,look for energy weapons (which have a chance of spawning or not) in wich you will use later for your robots,hack the main terminal to generate power for your other controlled bases,or....

Blow the reactor up and deactivate other human bases causing mass destruction

One more screenshot to end

More detail is being added.

Still very empty

Security Robot


A robot you will encounter on higher security bases,it would walk around sections of the base patrolling areas and also looking around

Low Security Bot


The normal robot,found in all the bases,it has a vision,and getting inside said vision area will kill you

it looks around just like a camera.


Screenshot 1

This is a prototype for the world map,a in-game menu where you can acess your captured bases features

the triangle representes your main base,the other icon indicates where you are and also another base,each base will have its own icon.



This is a prototype TV in-game GIF that would display after you blew up a power plant.

News is a good way to see what humans are gonna do against you,and also show events, e.g.

New Base was constructed, security increase.

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