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In Adventure Mode the player must progress through 5 randomly generated levels (each level harder than the last) and fight a boss enemy at the end to complete it. Production on this mode will begin after our kickstarter campaign (more on that soon) and will be the main mode of Overdosed. Every level will be different each time you play with a random generation system, unlike the Arena mode you must hunt for weapons/health/ammo which will be very limited but will be jumped by enemies who will come at you when you least expect it. There will be no camping however as you must find the level exit to progress in a dark, progressively more dangerous labyrinth. I will stress though, the above image shows a prototype so it may not be exactly like that when the level generator is in place.

In other news we are working on our kickstarter page and getting ready to launch out campaign because hey, costs aren't going to cover themselves! But it will give YOU a chance to not only pre-order a copy of Overdosed but get exclusive items and rewards including closed beta access, T-shirts and more! Anyways I'm fully back from my holiday break so there should be more regular updates in the coming weeks :)

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