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OK, so after recieving a message from someone recently, over MOD DB, from my e-mail, I remembered that I HAD, at one time, a bunch of people following this project, and I sadly got all their hopes up after some point in 2006, when I was determined to push something out for people to atleast play, or view in some way.

Not too long after my last post, things happened in real life and things didn't happen, I moved around a few times focused more on work and finishing college and I lost alot of progress, as I had to restore my computer from backups that were a few months old - at that point I prettymuch stopped and found a few other projects that wouldn't kill me in every psychological way imaginable, like this mod was doing.

I really regret to inform everyone that the Maps I've made were never really ready as playble maps and had many subjective holes that needed patching not to mention the way the opening city-scape map was structured just wasn't working...long story short, it'll never see the light of day, as a finished project.

IF you want to see anything of this project, as it was toward the end - I uploaded a video to youtube a year or two ago, showcasing the original "planned opening" for The Rising Empire - and out of sheer spite for my terrible dialogue and story writing for the time - I wrote-in some commentary that you might find annoying but after years of the same story, over and over, and then coming back to it years later looking back on it almost as if it were some silly drawing from 3rd grade Art was annoying for me. =D

My only hope is that I'll be able to finish something else that I've started, now.
I'd like to thank you all for following this project for so long and sticking with me though the whole process and I apologise for leading you all on for so long, with nothing to really show for it (except maybe one player model that I actually released long ago) - But this sadly had to come to an end.

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So, you just give up. Well, RIP.

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