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Aside from bugs and artwork being clobbered, we're restructuring the campaign and preparing a new plan of action for it.

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Bugs have been getting taken care of, Micah's been annihilating the "model this" list, but during the past week we've been giving extra attention to the story and campaign for WvS.

A "placeholder" campaign was setup six months or so ago, but from the opportunity provided by the delay, we really wanted to give the placeholder a bit of a restructure.

This revision is meant more more as a logical re-organization, as we're being careful to avoid the need for new art assets. The last of the plan is still being worked on right now, we'll have more information on the campaign and WvS's overall scope in an upcoming update.

[ZanMgt]Gabriel's "Zergling Blood" has been progressing along nicely. He'll have the alpha version playable on soon.

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