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Tweaks that are coming to the full launch of Depths of Sanity!

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Hey Everyone,

Some big updates this week!

First of all, Early Access is coming to a close: Depths of Sanity will officially launch on PC on October 31st, right on time for Halloween!

Kraken Mouth Opening

We’re incredibly pumped to finally launch the full game. It’s been two years in Early Access at this point, and your feedback has helped us IMMENSELY in shaping the experience for the better.

That said, this will be the last blog highlighting build improvements - as we near the launch, we’ll just be talking about the game in its entirety and aiming to explain it to players who have only just heard of us.

That said, here are a couple of the things you can expect when the game fully launches if you’ve been playing along with us:

Gameplay Enhancements:

  • Equipment Scanner: This is a new tool you can find late in the game that shows what hidden unlocks are still located in each level to help out those of you trying to 100% the experience.
  • Navigation Drone: Some of you may have discovered the combat drone late in the game. We’ve expanded on it and actually made it the third upgrade you get to your scuba gear. Now, instead of bigger oxygen tanks, you can control a drone for the later diver sections and add combat abilities to it for those of you who thoroughly explore.
  • Puzzle Expansions: Several of the game’s puzzles, particularly in the final area, have been altered to provide a better experience, and several more have been added to optional areas.
  • Re-arranged Unlocks: We’ve altered the flow of the game so that the most difficult optional sections reward you with greater upgrades (i.e. hull upgrades over depth charges).

Art Overhauls:

  • Level Assets: We’ve overhauled the game’s art in several respects to bring it all up to the same level and better tie everything together. You’ll notice changes from the tutorial onward, but much of these art updates deal with Biomes 2 and 6.
  • Enhanced Cutscenes: Some of the bigger cutscenes of the game now have more animation than previously to better sell some moments.

Quality of Life Improvements:

  • Enhanced Saving: Your savegame will not only track playtime but also the equipment you’ve unlocked, the biomes you’ve seen, and more. Hopefully this will make measuring your progress a bit simpler.
  • Music/FX Overhaul: Several sound fx and musical tracks have been added/reworked to better fit into the game.


  • We’ll keep this vague, but those who finish the game with the good ending will see a new minigame on the main menu for your efforts. Just a little bit of fun from the dev team :)

We hope you enjoy all these changes when the game launches Oct 31st!

And if you’ve played the game in Early Access and haven’t left a review, please do it! It helps us immensely, and as we gear up for full launch, having several great reviews on our page makes it way more likely that people will take a chance on a small game like ours.

When we exit Early Access, the price will rise to $19.99, so if you know anyone who has been on the fence, let them know that these are the last months you can still get the game at $14.99.

Thank you all so much, and we’ll be in touch soon.


-The Bomb Shelter Games Team

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