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Homeworld:@ talks about what's going to happen now that Remastered is out.

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As I write this it's almost a full week since the Homeworld Remastered Collection got into the hands of the public, to both praise and disappointment, depending on each person's perspective. But what's undeniable is that right this second, thousands of people are playing the game. Already the community is starting to crack open the files ahead of the gearbox official tools, and we're getting a good look at what new features the engine has to offer modders. With that in hand, the team has come to a decision internally.

Even if you ignore the gorgeous graphics upgrades, Remastered offers opportunities that we've badly hoped for, and taking advantage of them it will make it extremely difficult to maintain a classic version of the mod at the same time. For that reason we will make one more Classic release, here and on Steam workshop, and then begin the process of converting the mod to Remastered and adapting to its features.

The final classic version will contain the updated Imperial ships exhibited in our screenshots section, a general rebalance of our frigates, and maybe a few other odds and ends. It'll be accompanied by a full changelog as usual when its released. Something that will not be included is the singleplayer mission that I have posted about before, as that still needs significant content production before release.

What our first Remastered release will contain and when it will happen, I can't say. But we are working on it. A lot still depends on Gearbox's tools and post-launch support, and we'll have plenty of tweaking to do to the mod once things like proper parallel build are integrated. It's all very exciting.

Finally, as always I'd like to thank those of you who've stuck with us all this time. In the waves of new conversation about Homeworld whenever I see someone mention us it is always positive, and always appreciated. We still want to see and play our vision of Homeworld:@ as much as ever, and are happy to have you folks along with us for that ride.


See you guys in the remastered editions.. Hope it wont take you to long to catch up with everything :)

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