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Explain our original intention and what we have completed as of February 18, 2021.

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file 41

We originally wanted to make this mod because we were troubled by the wood consumed by soldiers trained in the game and the sparseness of trees on some maps. Secondly, we felt unreal because women became the main labor force in agriculture in the game. Our initial plan was to fix these problems, and then we were inspired by Borg and his Mod, and began to consider more settings that can make the game look more interesting, and based on the principle of simplicity and regularity, rather than Addicted to stacking too many elements. So we started to make this Mod without adding new countries and nations. We wanted to make the original content of "0 AD" more attractive to players after certain adjustments. Limited by our technical level, especially the lack of the ability to modify textures and models, all the expected work is difficult to complete. Here we only explain the modifications we have completed, which will make your game experience very different from the original game settings.

下面是模组相比基础的《0 AD》的差异设定之简单说明:

Here is a brief description of these settings:



  • Add the fourth phase -- Kingdom Phase.

  • The material cost of the evolution to the next phase only requires food and wood, the evolution to the Town Phase requires 1,000 food and 500 wood, the evolution to the City Phase requires 6,000 food and 3,000 wood, and the evolution to the kingdom requires 10,000 food and 5,000 wood.

  • Siege Catapult and Wonder, as well as part of the attack/armor technology research will be delay to Kingdom phase.


Civic Center

  • Civic Center will no longer need metal, and the cost of wood and stone will increase. The standard Civic Center costs 900 wood and 600 stone, which means you can expand your land more easily without worrying about conflicts with training the army,And now you can train your heroes in the Civic Center without having to build fortresses (except Athens, Persia, Sparta, and Gaul, which have unique buildings for training heroes).

  • The Celtics' Civic Center costs 750 lumber and 500 stone. They build faster and are more fragile.

  • The Civic Center of the Romans received the bonus of their civilization, reducing the cost by 20%, only 720 wood and 480 stone.

  • The Military Colony of the Seleucids and Ptolemies cost 450 wood and 300 stones.

file 32


  • Wonder requires 4,000 stones, which can provide a threshold of 50 people after it is built.

file 34

Training cost

  • training soldiers only need Food and Metal(The ratio is roughly 9:1~4:1). food will be the most important resourse; different classes of solders need different levels of resources and training time.

  • Archers/Spearmans will be more expensive and stronger than Javelinst/ Slingers.

  • The cavalry needs to occupy 2 or 3 people, and the training time is 20 seconds.

  • Elephants/Chariots take up 5 people, and consume large amount of food.

  • Ships need more wood.

file 31


  • Women can straight trained in house, but the efficiency of farming is reduced, and removed auras, only as a secondary labor for picking fruits, lumberwork and slaughter animals...

  • Citizen Soldiers(man) form the main force in agriculture, different units have different efficiency in agricultural production. Spearmen, Archers and Swordsman belong to the richer class, who own the better farming tools and animals. Therefore they are more efficient than Slingers and Skirmishers. So you'd better to use the more expensive Citizen Soldiers to farm, and don’t throw them into battle at will.

file 42

Resources and Economic Technologies

  • Farmland need 50 more wood, now it is 150.

  • The mine reserves of stone and metal increased by 2500, now it is 7500, and the number of miners has decreased by 14 people, now it is 10.

  • The efficiency bonus of the technology in the warehouse facility is more balanced in different stages, 15% in stage 1, 20% in stage 2, and 20% in stage 3.

file 28

Military facilities

  • Each faction (except Carthage and Ptolemaic) add stable at the second phase for trainning cavalry.

  • Each faction added Siege Works at the second phase, to trainning siege weapons.

  • Every faction with war elephants can build elephant stables in the third stage(Except for Mauryan and Persia, the former can be built in the second stage,The latter is training elephants in the hall.) to train war elephants.

  • Each faction’s fortress can trainning infantry/cavalry as in barracks/stables,But you can no longer train heroes, heroes are now trained in the civic center,and the fortress can influence your territory.

file 29

Medical and Maintenance

  • The barracks, stable, defense tower, and fortress can all treat garrisons.

  • The house can heal the female citizen who enters.

  • The elephant stables can heal incoming elephants.

  • The workshop can repair incoming siege machinery.

  • The dock can repair the docked fishing boats, and the "Ship Repair" halo can be used to repair Merchantman and Warship.

file 27

Siege Machinery

  • Siege Machines are now available earlier, and Battering Ram, Bolt Shooter and Siege Tower can now be built in the second stage.

  • Battering Ram will become cheaper and more fragile. It now costs 300 lumber and 150 metal, and it takes up 5 people and takes 30 seconds to build. The Persian Assyrian Siege Ram is stronger and requires an additional 100 lumber and 10 seconds of construction time.

  • Bolt Shooter is more powerful and is more targeted at large units such as elephants and chariot.

  • Siege Catapult was transferred to the fourth stage, you may need it in the difficult fortress attack and defense in the late game.

  • The Romans’ siege machines have, as always, stronger attack power and longer range.

file 26

Elephant and chariot

  • War elephants can cause huge damage to the enemy (especially infantry) through different halo effects such as horror, trampling and collision. They are now more expensive and stronger, but still slow and vulnerable to the concentrated fire of javelin and ballista.

  • Elephant Archers and Worker Elephants can defend against melee enemies that threaten them by frightening and trampling.

  • Mauryan,Persia and Seleucid’s chariots can quickly kill a group of infantry through different halo effects such as collision and scythe. For this reason, they should not be parked to shoot arrows at the enemy, but must gallop back and forth between enemy infantry. The enemy's javelinmen will have difficulty aiming and attacking them. Only the cavalry can hunt down these fast killers. Wooden walls, stone walls and dense forests can also hinder their movement.

file 36

Counters Attacks

  • Javelins anti elephants/chariots by 2.5.

  • Slingers anti archers by1.5.

  • War Elephants anti cavalry by 2, anti infantry by 2.5, anti buildings by 10.

  • Bolt Shooter anti elephants by 2, anti chariots by 2.

  • Cavalry Spearman anti cavalry by 1.5.

  • Spearman anti cavalry by 2.

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