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A quick look at the brand new Conflicts of Eriador strategy map which I have spent the last few weeks creating.

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Welcome all to the first look at the brand new strategy map for Conflicts of Eriador (For those of you not on our Discord that is!)

Before we begin however, a disclaimer: The map is liable to change, as the mod is very much still "in development" and more regions may be added.

Let's get started!

map ground types

What you see above is the ground types map - this determines the textures of the campaign map. The brown and pink, as I am sure you have guessed, are mountains (Hithaeglir, Ered Luin). Green and dark green are predictably forests (Bree, Enedwaith, Rhudaur), olive is hills (Dunland, Evendim) and the very bright green is swampland (Tharbad and Bree). Black is the wilderness in the frozen north of Middle-Earth, and the reds are different depths of sea and ocean. Blue (Lossoth, Angmar) is simply less fertile ground than the light green of most of the map and yet more fertile than the wastelands to the north.

And now we come to the regions and rivers:

map heights and regions and feat

Each different RGB colour in the background is a different region. From the Isle of Himling in the northwest to Khazad-Dûm in the east, Angmar in the north to Enedwaith in the south we have included many a region. There are not many major rivers in Eriador, with the exception of the Gwathló and Baranduin (Greyflood and Brandywine), so I have had to put in rivers where it makes sense for them to exist. Again, more are likely to be added and I will connect the river from Imladris to the Gwathló proper at Tharbad.

The transparent grey areas you see are the heights map - these determine where the map rises and falls - hence why they correspond almost exactly to where you see hill and mountain ground types in the earlier map.

I hope you have all enjoyed this little preview, and the campaign map will be gone over in-game in the next Developer Diary on my YouTube channel within the next 2-3 weeks.


Commander Sol


Looking cool! Can't wait for it :D

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Commander_Sol Author

Still a long way to go, one does not simply rush a journey ;)

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Oooooh! he said it! He said it!
And true! That is one of my advices to modders, never rush. Make your vision come to life and take all the time you need for that. Rushing only makes the modder unhappy and the users too.
Continue the good work! :)

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Will Arthedain, Cardolan and Rhudaur be separate factions?

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