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This is a single player mod for Half-Life 2 Episode 2.

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Marcus Coons has been sent from his tranquil home of the White Forest Resistance base to masquerade as a normal citizen transferring from another urban centre. His real intentions, as with the rest of his team, are to infiltrate the heart of the Citadel and to plant a small device into its innards, to spy on the Combine's communications and learn their every move before they make it.

The task is of such gravity that all of these makeshift warriors would give their lives to ensure success.

But I've been watching Mr. Coons for some time, and he shows great opportunity for future employment. And that requires he stay well alive.

We have every memeber we need except for an animator and or / Modeler.

So far we are working on the second map, Voices, and the new game menu with screen shots.

Our members are HoliestCow - Main Mapper/Developer, edaem3(Tim) - Mini-Mapper/Beta Tester/Voice, MegaJohnny - Beta Tester/Voice and manjenkins - Beta Tester, Legend286 Co-Mapper/Beta Tester


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