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The Oubliette Engine is designed to be a 'crawl' based 3D game. A-kin to Legends of Grimrock and Dungeon Master. It's main difference is how it is provided. Using the latest in WebGL components combined with websockets to provide a multiplayer / persistence element.

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Originally before the advent of WebGl we'd decided to attempt to create the engine using a combination of css/java-script (See Dungeon Master javascript). Though as technologies and standards progressed it became clear that much more could be achieved.

You can pre-register your interest here, whilst it is going through the alpha and beta. The advantage of this being when the game enter beta players will be given instant access to the latest features.

I have produced a few videos which will hopefully be of interest till the next phase of something playable is available.

Alpha 0.1: lighting, movement and mapping

Alpha 0.1.2: Complex geometries and external 3D assets

Below is a screen-grab of alpha 0.1.3 containing further complex geometries, 3D assets and a night time sky sphere.


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