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Other translated parts of "Lord Fjodorov Chronicles". Now translated by me.

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Week two.
Admiral Béadonna was sent on the Banks by the personal order of Zoran. This is where we parted. I remember how she looked at me when she left. It always seemed to me that she was not breathing to me exactly. She spoke to me too gently .... Even too gently. But she did not like me terribly. Externally of course. As a warrior, I respected her and appreciated her. But her appearance was always specific. Firstly, she shortened her hair, secondly she was an albino, and third, she covered her face with an insane amount of piercing. Although for some reason now I'm unbearable it is not enough ... I do not know what happened. When she left my ship and went to her, I suddenly felt unbearably lonely. I do not even know why. Perhaps the fact that she did not terribly like me ... It was a lie. Who knows. I still can not exactly determine. Every day I think differently. But we have not seen her since. One thing I will say, the task later was extremely bad for me. So it seemed to me at first. Zoran personally arrived at the "Darkman" and held a conversation. Of course he told a whole dozen stories. He can never do without unnecessary conversations. As always, in the evenings I gathered a team from all of us and told something. I remember once I even liked it. Especially the story with his ex. As her name was ... Though kill, I do not remember. He told how he met her in one of the picturesque castles. How he looked after her ... Loved her. And then I found out that she was still a bitch, and even a witch. And the rest of the stories were boring. I did not memorize them. But in addition to his stories, the boss told about my next assignment. It was necessary to take six hundred quadrillion in the system of Abraham. The planets in that system were recently released. The troops of Castelian Nan`Kai defeated the garrisons of Dark'Lyn and subdued the population of Zoran. So the pyramids are now building there already to the chief, and not to any false god. And voluntarily ... Voluntarily. People themselves want it, so let yourself and build. In general, on that Ebrahem-Alpha it was necessary to deliver a considerable portion of grandmothers. And all because of the fact that Zoran promised to pay our ... ahem ... an ally. His name was Ser'Shuashasai. He was the commander of the crocodile fleet. I never liked crocodilids. When I worked in the Order of the Father, I saw a lot. Being a grandmaster, I saved many of the planets from the "green threat". Snakeheads attacked entire worlds, ruthlessly carved out the population and plundered cities. And now we are still cooperating with them. For some reason Zoran entrusted the transportation of quadrillion to me. You could not disagree. And my team, together with our dear "Darkman", made a quick transfer to Ebrahem. Ser'Shuashasai was already there. We met with him on the planet. The Crocodile morel bowed low to me and praised the Zoran. But in the eyes of his yellow only greed was seen. Not long ago, crocodilines served Dark'Lyn and lay at the feet of Rolfing and his like. Now they serve us ... but at the same time they are pounding us with huge sums. Ser'shuashassai suggested that I should have lunch with him. He was herbivorous, to my surprise. We with this walking cobra sat down at the same table and had a good meal. Then the crocodile fooler expelled quite a joyful news .... Although, of course, not for me. He said that as a sign of respect and reverence for Zoran, the crocodile leaders give us a discount. Now the payment will be reduced by half. But personally, I would not pay these reptilians at all. Moreover, they shed some blood. We pay them for full-scale raids on the territory of Dark'Lin. But instead of killing exclusively the military, very often these snakeheads vymeshat their rage on the local population. And then quickly washed off. I swore to discuss this issue with Zoran. We had a good dinner with the crocodile morel and parted. He promised that he would send several armadas against our common enemies. He claimed that all followers of the Greatest of the Gods would pay for their deeds. Yeah, how .... It's possible again to plunder a couple of planets and kill civilians. And with large forces, they do not want to get involved .... Ugly crocodile panties. No ... I'm definitely going to talk to Zoran about these creatures. I swore myself. We are struggling to extract these quadrillion .... We have to use the services of pirates, share with them. This money does not come from the air at all. A crocodile ... They only know how to extort. For more these crappy lizards are not capable.

Week is the third.
I did not have time to move away from financial transactions with crocodiles, as Zoran called me back to him. And this time the task did not please me. It was necessary to go to the Mosca system. Concern "Nagual Industries" prepared for the army Zoran new fighters. They say that the head of the concern Themistocles used the technologies of the dark world. The fighters were even named appropriately. They were called "Belnirarrisy", in honor of the ancient deity of war, one of the innumerable races of the universe. He was going to send a whole batch of such flyers to Karadjos himself, the high priest Dark'Lin. But Zoran at the time arranged everything. He promised Femistockle a huge sum. However, even without DarkLyn, we have problems. The board of directors of that corporation closely communicated with the leaders of the Aldan federation. The robot people who lived on the territory of Aldan, wanted to receive "Belnirarrisy" no less than Zoran and Dark'Lin. The question was only about the amount. The boss quickly gave me twenty packets of quadrillion, and sent my "Blacksmith" to Moska's system. The corvette corvette of the corporation greeted us with great fears. I took with me no more than twenty black guards. We activated landing shuttles, and soon found themselves on the surface of the planet, in the glorious city of Mosca City. Themistocles was very worried. The money was left on the "Shrouder", since we first wanted to see our precious goods. The head of the concern showed us everything he owed. When I saw these flyers in action, I literally became sweaty. Targets were used by the Sargallians. These primitive creatures have long lost their independence, and the concern did not feel sorry for testing their weapons. But I was sorry .... I feel sorry for these little six-handed creatures. It was especially pitiful for them when a dozen such creatures were taken to the center of the training field and released. They thought that they were released. In their numerous eyes the rays of hope shone. But they were not there. Themistocles smiled maliciously and ordered the command center to arrange a bombardment. Four of them have not left even a drop of blood from the Sargallians. The warheads fell to the ground in dozens. The explosions were so colossal that the observation post activated the shields. The shock wave almost threw us all back. But the shields survived. Honestly, I do not understand such kinds of tests at all. Was it not better to try these "Belnirarrisov" on robots. But no .... Be sure to slaughter the slaves. Poor slaves. I was then tempted to break the bow to this dandy. Themistocles all smiled, sipping an expensive wine and adjusting his precious tie all the time. "Perfect, is not it?" - his malicious voice was heard. "Yes," - I answered coldly then, "But still ... I would not use sargallers." The head of the concern adjusted his jacket, and pretended not to have heard my words. Then we went to the top floor of the skyscraper, where the central office of the corporation was located. The contract was concluded immediately. I spoke on behalf of Zoran, in view of my high rank. After all, Zoran trusted me like no one else. But at that moment an alarm signal arrived. As it turned out, Karadzios learned about our plans with the concern, and sent a whole flotilla for interception. However, Zoran also found out about this. And as soon as Armada Dark'Lyn emerged near the orbit of Mosca, after her appeared the ships of Zoran. The fight was too short. The pathetic little Karadjos in a few minutes turned into steam. When I returned to my flagship, I discovered that one of the Dark'Lin bombers still struck a sneak. The installation of the power grid was damaged, and we hung on Moska for a few more days. But for all this time, a joyful event happened. Joyous for the Zoran, of course. In view of the fact that Karagios recorded Themistocles as enemies, this vicious entrepreneur decided to conclude another contract. He undertook to work for Zoran until his death. And so a new deal took place. Now the concern "Nagual Industries" works for us .... Provides our invaluable priceless "Belnirarrisy". From now on, these fighters are the basis of our army. We bought out all the flyers, and then bought the concern. Femistocles had nowhere to go. He already made himself a bunch of enemies, and many wanted to get rid of him. So Zoran is his only defense now. I had a good talk with the chief, and he advised Themistocles not to use the Sargallians any more. All the Sargals, intended for testing, moved to my ship. Here they were waited by good work and spacious warm cabins. I think the sargallers will thank me for a long time. After all, in their eyes, I became a savior.

Week is the fourth.
I was amazed at these days of Zoran's versatility. It seems that he could split up, and even be upset. It was one of those days that I realized that I almost never really knew the boss. Yes, he seemed to everyone else, seemed to be his ... real brother for all of us. But still he had his dark secrets. For example, he was away for a couple of days on the planet Top Hill, which was far enough from here. He told no one about his goal. He took with him only his half-dead commander, Velimir Mladan. We never communicated with Mladan. He was already half a corpse. They say his whole body was not his own for a long time. He was hurt by an eerie creature known as Barandohdt. And the secrets of Barandocht are completely inaccessible to all of us. Where they came from, and what kind of creatures they were, no one even knew from castellans. Many people preferred to remain silent about this. And Zoran also recruited a team of devotees loyal to him, fanatics. He collected at least two hundred, and soon they simply disappeared. Where they went ... why. Only then I realized that Zoran wanted to use them as saboteurs. But about what task was discussed, he also did not inform. Recently, my boss has become terribly secretive. He even almost did not gather people and did not spend his "literary" evenings. And suddenly I became unbearably bored with these gatherings. Sometimes, our precious commander of his castellans, including me, will gather, and he will start to wreck anything. Previously, I thought some of his stories were incredibly boring. But now ... Now I realized that I was unbearably lacking them. Exactly like the Belladonna. Beladonna did not have news for too long. And I suddenly realized that maybe, I still had feelings for her. Strange feelings. Outwardly, she was completely unattractive, but inside ... Inside she had such a power that I never dreamed of. She was brave. Much braver than those nedomerki, who recently entered the Black Guard. But what to do ..... It is lost .... Lost for me ..... Zoran is less and less likely to appear. Then he disappeared somewhere, then again appeared in appearance. Then in the middle of the week he still called me and my group to his office. He did not say anything about his exploits in the past. He only told us coldly and dryly about the assignment. The task was to destroy the Aldan Federation. As it turned out, President Aldana was dealing with Karadjios and Rofling, and supplied him with slaves for building the pyramids of the Greatest of the Gods. In addition, more recently, in the Aldan adopted a new faith. Tolerate this business was impossible. Many unfortunate residents of the Federation needed help. Our goal was Aldan-Ultra, the capital of the Federation. On the surrounding planets, warlocks were already sent, who immediately rebelled against the vicious power. And we with the guys went to the very heart of evil. Secretly guarded the shuttles of the Federation. We used masking generators, which allowed us to hide our presence. Before the operation, Zoran handed us strange warheads. Outwardly they resembled small crafts made of marble, but we knew that they were created clearly from other materials. Deep within them rested the ancient and unbridled power. Zoran ordered us to secretly enter the president's palace and activate them. We did everything almost bloodlessly. Eliminated only two guards and made their way into the dungeon. There we laid the priceless explosive. After that, we gave a quick chirrup, and a couple of hours later we were flying far away from Aldan-Ultra ... Then an explosion exploded. When I turned back, glancing at the porthole of my ship, my blood froze. The whole planet just flew ... To thousands of pieces. The explosion was so powerful that even our ship was noticeably shabby. But we still managed to get out. Then I realized what kind of weapon it was. Utgarde warheads. The secret weapon, which Zoran always preferred to remain silent. But somehow he decided to use it that day .... Maybe he was afraid of something ... Or someone.

The fifth week.
So who was Zoran so afraid of? I still did not understand what was happening. But sometimes I'm still distracted from vague thoughts. We received a lot of good news. Zoran raised more and more uprisings against Dark'Lin. More and more new soldiers entered the service to us. The sorcery of Zoran became a strong state, and Rofling had not reckoned him for a long time to the rebels. We ceased to be a miserable bunch of rebels. We became a strong empire, which could be compared with Dark'Lin. Crocodiles and the rest of our allies worked well. Giants from the system of Lestrigo destroyed a considerable number of Dark'Lin soldiers. Our army is growing stronger .... But still these thoughts ... These nasty and mysterious thoughts visited my head. I always thought that Zoran was afraid of something. He again began to appear less often. It was fortunate that he managed to tell us his story one day. Again he gathered all the castellans and me, and told me about his exploits on Taer. He told us how he first freed the planet from the Greatest of the Gods and created his own fiefdom there. And how the good inhabitants of Taera revived him a majestic statue. On that day Zoran seemed cheerful, telling it. But suddenly, at the end of the conversation, one of his castellans entered the hall. His name was Ivan Byulov. With this man, we did not have a good relationship. He was too secretive, but Zoran trusted him. When he entered our rest room, he immediately went to the master. He quietly approached Zoran and whispered something in his ear. "Four-sided?" - heard the terribly frightened voice of the commander, "They that ... are going to ....". And then he abruptly stopped. After a pause that lasted a few seconds, he looked at us all with such sorrow. His eyes betrayed a great sadness that enveloped his whole soul. And then his pupils widened. From horror. What did he fear then ... "Excuse me, gentlemen," Zoran coughed a couple of times that day, "My stories are ending here, since I need a caste, I beg your pardon." He forced himself to smile at us, and then walked out of the cabin. We still stayed, not knowing what was going on. So without realizing the situation, we all went to sleep. And in the morning, Zoran called us to him and told us something. He told us about some other enemy. As it turned out, the God of Sala'Zarr began to act on his former possessions. He again assembled his army in order to recreate the New Potestas. We've heard about this Sal 'Zarra before. Of course, Zoran entered into confrontation with him. After all, the followers of this god were allies of Dark'Lin. We can assume that they acted side by side. But personally I did not fight with the troops of the New Potestas. However .... There was something else. Zoran told us that it is necessary to concentrate on Sala'Zarre and the growing threat from his new state. He kept trying to say something .... But he kept silent. He often talked to dangerous topics. Tried to say that there was someone else for Sala'Zarrom ... But as soon as he wanted to continue the conversation, his eyes widened with horror. His whole face became whiter than the winter snow. He was coughing and nervous all the time. Then he finally warned us that our next goal was Tramontin. And that the inhabitants of this planet needed protection from Potestas troops. But whom did Zoran fear so much? He, in fact, more than once made it clear that Sal 'Zarr is not acting alone. From his eyes it was clear that he was hiding something important .... Something very dangerous. I still remember his phrase. This phrase. She immediately followed my question. "But Sala Zarr is weak ...", I told him at the time, "What are we afraid of? As we know, all of it ... so to speak, the empire, is teeming with riots." This is hardly a threat. " "No," Zoran growled, even more pale, "You do not understand, Ilgazi .... Not Sala`Zarra we need to be afraid ..... Not at all." There is strength .... There is a force that is beyond our control. " After that, he did not continue. He quickly pretended that this conversation was not. Sharply changed the subject. He finished on the fact that we had to go to the Tramontin system. Loaded me with a lot of things. It was necessary to prepare a flotilla, to collect good guys for a possible war with Potestas. But all this time I did not forget this strange phrase. "There is a power that is beyond our control." Zoran has always been a brave man in my eyes, the bravest of all of us .... He was not afraid of either the Greatest of Gods or the dark magic and no Sal 'Zarr was his handicap. So what did he get frightened then .... And what did Bylov say to him at the moment when he told us about his exploits .... I'm afraid I will never disclose this secret. Now ... It's already late. Tomorrow we will fly to Tramonton. Winning poor people. But for some reason now I also feel this fear .... As if something is coming at us ... Some kind of secret power .... An ancient force that we do not know ... We can not know and study. And why these thoughts do not leave my head .... Probably, it is necessary to finish. Apparently, I'm just tired. And Zoran is tired too.

Thanks for listening this radiogramm".

The end of connection....

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