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True to my roadmap of working on five different platforms I made a basic walking around and driving video of me vs me demonstrating day/night cycle and simple lights.

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I mentioned in prior posts that you can play Survival: Barren Roads iOS vs Android vs PC vs Mac vs Linux. And you can, and it works.

In order to move onto other platforms we made a greenlight page and I ask for your support:

In hindsight, it might have been better if I concentrated on a PC/Mac version in order to have the best graphics and screenshots to show off. However, moving an iOS game to PC/Mac is much easier than vice versa. Currently, you can play Barren Roads with less than 1GB of memory, so it should work pretty much on any computer.

While making a title screenshot you can see I took an in game screenshot and turned on some camera features. Even a little camera tricks can improve the graphics considerably. Currently, I also reduced textures to half of their initial quality in order to save memory. What is lacking in the screenshots are normal and specular textures. In other words, I can still improve lighting and model details considerably. I haven't done so, because the mobile version really needs to be scaled back to prevent crashes and run smooth.

Either way, it will still play the same and it won't take long to improve graphics and detail on a PC/Mac version. I'm looking forward to really adding more in depth detail to PC/Mac versions.

The following is a basic current progress video of me walking and driving and playing against my iPad. There are rocket launchers, generators, and a handful of vehicles and enemies you can see.

You can see based on the prior videos that Barren Roads is much improved with better framerate, smoother player syncing and movements, visuals, and the addition of vehicles and buildings that you can enter. The video is 9 minutes, with some player vs player interaction in the beginning and heading into a small town at night.

Let me know your thoughts!


gonna be voting for this on green light :D

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voncarp Author

Thanks! See you on the battlefield!

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wow awesome ,i like ,can you add a gas mask y liked ;D
GP-5 russian gas mask is awesome xD

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