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After an amazing first week at KickStarter - we are back. We have a new trailer, new screen grabs, new game build media, interviews, updates to donation packages and a whole lot more. Welcome to Wave 2! Click to read more.

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We are back as previously promised. We will be posting insanely large updates every Monday for the duration of our KickStarter event.

Things have been overwhelmingly positive since our launch at KickStarter last week. We could not be happier with the reaction from the community and we hope to continue blowing your minds in the following weeks.

Many people are asking how they can help us with our KickStarter promotion - and there are quite a few ways!

  • 01 - Help spread the word! Tell your friends, your families
  • 02 - Share it with Facebook - Tweet it on Twitter.
  • 03 - Come to the Spiral Community and interact with us
  • 04 - Contact websites that you think we should be posted on - the extra views always help!

We appreciate you guys being so persistent and helpful with helping spread the word of our cause. If you simply like indie developers or just want to get into a gun fight with a T-Rex as badly as we do - all the help counts!


Up until now you have seen quite a lot of "placeholder" content. This includes the characters, dinosaurs, weapons - pretty much everything. We have been working endlessly to finalize the new content - and we are ready to show you the first pieces!

Today marks the official reveal and announcement of the finalized design and style for the human faction - The Carriers. We've gone back and had quite a few artists re-establish the foundation for these bad asses - and now they are even more badass because of it. Featuring a much more slick, near-body and panel design, we are proud to show off the Assault class.

The great thing about this reveal video is that a lot of hardcore / long-term fans will probably notice something. Yes, you do see the predecessor to one of the most popular source beta maps - 'Reactor'. The content used in this scene are the same pieces that were built for the remake of 'Reactor' on the new technology.

We have captured some high-definition screen-grabs from this reveal. Some folks have approached us thinking this was CGI - we want to clarify that this video was filmed and captured in real time using in-game assets. There was absolutely no post-processing done afterwards - this is how the game looks.


We are proud to say that ORION: Prelude has already reached 60% of it's pledged amount. We actually had hit 50% in the first two days - this says a lot from you guys and means more to us than we could ever place into words. We appreciate your support, your donations, and your attention. We are happy that there are other people just as fond of dinosaurs as we are.


While we are getting close to our pledged amount, $10,000 is our bare operating minimum. We truly hope to get a bit higher than that and we have created our reward packages with that in mind.

We are extremely proud of the packages we have put together, including access to unreleased screenshots, videos, personalized thank you letters with unreleased screenshots, possibilities for in-game advertising in intelligent ways, limited edition armors and weapons, and even the ability to get put into a game! These are limited time and will only continue until the KickStarter promotion is over - so do what you can while you can!


We posted an update a few days back talking about how we worked with KickStarter to add a few incentives towards the Silver Level donation ($50) to make it a bit more enticing for our supporters.

People were posting that they believed there wasn't much to pressure the to go for that level of a reward and that they were either going for the Bronze ($10) or Gold ($100) because of it.

We are officially adding the following rewards FROM the Gold level TO the Silver level:

  • ORION T-Shirt (upon launch of e-store)
  • Signed Concept Art Poster (of your choosing - 4 pieces)


We had a crazy first week at KickStarter. We couldn't be happier with the results and in return we grabbed a lot of interest from quite a few interesting groups and people. We did a bunch of interviews, which you guys will be seeing through out the next couple of weeks, we are going to be in Igromania, Russia's #1 gaming magazine.

We have had some seriously cool people say some seriously charming things about us and what we are doing. We grabbed a few quotes and would like to share them with you:

“For those of you who want, nay demand, the highest quality visual experience in your first-person shooters, ORION: Prelude has answered the call. I’ve watched ORION’s game trailer about eight times now because it’s just that good. The media has been giving ORION lots of love, describing it as “HALO meets Jurassic Park,” and if you check out that trailer, you’ll see why. This is one Multiplayer Beta you will NOT want to miss.” -KickStarter

“In my time, a lot of Kickstarter initiatives have come and gone. There is, after all, only so much disposable income willing to be given out for the day’s good cause. I can’t predict what will happen to ORION: Prelude, but I can say that Spiral Game Studios certainly put the effort in.” -Destructoid

You can read more about our presence in the press and where we are being featured on our brand new 'Press' page conveinently located on our main page. Head on over to it to see more:


As previously mentioned - we did quite a few interviews with the press this last week. We absolutely love sitting down and doing one-on-one interviews and answering any questions. If you work with a website and would like to contact us for an interview, podcast, exclusive media - we would love to collaborate with you. Please forward all inquiries to:

The first interview to go live is our one-on-one with Thumb Culture. Here are a few excerpts:

Q: Dinosaurs? Why? What part do they have in gameplay? Can you ride one?
A: Orion is derived from the same comet that created Earth. This comet contained the prerequisites to the prokaryote cells that began life as we know it. Evolution thus took the same path on both planets - resulting in dinosaurs during the same age as Earth. But why are there still dinosaurs? Due to the many (7) moons (a moons gravitational pull decreases the amount of comets that reach a planet) and essentially chance - Orion didn’t not experience a devastating natural disaster to wipe out the dinosaurs - while Earth did.

Q: Is there any sort of Coop? Or is the multiplayer purely PvP?
A: ORION: Prelude will be launching with 3 game modes right out of the “box”. That includes Lockdown CTF, which is the competitive mode, VITAL, which is the objective emode, and Cinematic Co-Op which is taking the place for the lack of a single player. This mode allows for 4 players to play as the Carriers in specifically designed missions. These missions are objective based and allow you to fight against different dinosaur and alien enemy types.

You can read the full interview here.


We also have yet another gift - brand new media from the developer game build. These were taken from the same developer build, version 0.0.4. These images were captured exclusively for the interview with Thumb Culture and we hope you enjoy them.


We cannot express how humbled and appreciative we are of the support you guys are giving us. We are working endlessly and ferociously in attempts to wow you guys every single Monday.

We encourage you check back every week as we are going to have tons of awesome goodies to share with you. You guys are awesome - and we couldn't be happier with your support. Thank you!

Neon-Ghost - - 1,605 comments

Lovely update :3

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
theM3nace - - 331 comments

Pewwwwhhhhh..... That was the sound of the retro-vibe leaving. :(

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Kamikazi[Uk] - - 1,412 comments

I like the new tron styling. I always love shiny neon stuff so i like the new design :P.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
56er - - 1,253 comments

The Armor looks like a mix between DS military armor and a nano suit from Crysis. That's cool, even though I liked the old ones better. And its a bit shinny, with bright lights...

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Praz Author
Praz - - 893 comments

We sort of "magnified" the armor lighting for this reveal trailer. The in-game effect for it will be slightly toned down.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Elementalist - - 732 comments

Reminds me strongly of Dead Space, personally. But to be honest it was too dark for me to get any real detail. Didn't try turning up my screen brightness though, but it doesn't usually pose a problem.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Praz Author
Praz - - 893 comments

Haven't heard of a brightness issue until this

Reply Good karma+1 vote
9heads - - 247 comments

I want to play with a dinosaur, rawr!

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