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Orion: Ground Zero has just been patched! The map has been greatly optimized, new content has been added and numerous bugs have been fixed!

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Orion: Ground Zero has just been patched! The map has been greatly optimized, new content has been added and numerous bugs have been fixed!

Moving out to clear pesky hivesFenris Brood forming a hive cluster near the base
Utilizing control points to wipe out enemy basesGarm Brood attacking while enemies are distracted

To read the full changelog, including balance changes to subfactions and Broods, please click here!


- The map has been greatly optimized, performance should now be much better than before and the loading time should be much faster.
- Added two new difficulties: Hardcore (harder than Toasty!) and Power Fantasy (easier than Sheepy)
- Added 3 new upgrades per subfaction
- Easy difficulties have become even easier than before, and hard difficulties harder.
- Added command for changing game speed. ("-speed [gamespeed]")
- Added command for removing any potential lag from the Lava Surge event, if it still persists ("-lavasurge")
- Units are now more visible during nighttime.
- Simple Command Card is now forced off and cannot be enabled, due to bugs caused by it.
- Fixed some model bugs (ie: model not appearing, animation ending before it should've, etc).
- Fixed bug: Some weapons did bonus damage to 2 or more attributes, but only applied one of the damage bonuses.


- The efficiency of Control Points has been further increased, so that they have a larger impact on gameplay
- The radius of Control Points is now indicated by a large yellow circle.
- When your units enter a Control Point, a yellow circle is formed beneath them.
- Control Points are now displayed on the minimap - you can hover over their icon to see what effect is active.
- The Control Points in the south expansions have been removed.
- The Control Points near Baelrog's base now have a chance of being negative.
- Vision Bonus, Healing Bonus and Healing Penalty have been removed.
- Fixed bug: Thorns did not damage shields.
- Fixed bug: Zerg were sometimes affected.
- Fixed bug: Leaving the Control Point around Baelrog's main base did not remove its effects.


- Removed the two Xel'naga Towers
- Support Powers have once again been changed: they are cheaper and more effective.
- Many unit, structure and upgrade costs have been revised
- Trading minerals for vespene and vica versa now has a ratio of 1:2 for minerals:vespene (from 1:4).

- Mammoth Tank changed to better counter heavily-armored massive units instead of being a splash damage specialist
- Thors' weapon ranges increased by 2 and Thor's Hammer now deals +15 damage to Structures.
- Thors' 250mm Barrage Cannons are now available to all subfactions, not just Odysseus Company
- Warhounds can now use Haywire Missiles against any Armored target. Haywire Missiles' damage changed to 7+3 vs Massive per missile (from 10) and damage type changed to Spell (from Ranged).
- Warhound attack speed changed to 1.5 (from 1.2) and they now deal 10 bonus damage to Massive units.
- Bounty Hunt changed: it now gives resources on kill, rather than on attack.
- Vikings no longer need to stop before transforming into Assault mode - this allows them to transform faster, without wasting time to separate from each other.
- Hellions' attack stats changed to match Hellbats', movement speed also increased to 4.5 (from 4.25).
- Widow Mines no longer receive damage from friendly Widow Mines, and are now properly classified as Robotic
- Science Vessels' Irradiate radius is now extended by the target's radius.
- Fixed bug: Could not pause the construction of Gas Turrets and Grand Cannons.
- Fixed bug: Thors' 250mm Barrage Cannons did not show any visual effects for when the cannons fired.


- Motherships and Mothership Cores are now immune to stuns and slows.
- Carriers can now hold a max of 10 Interceptors (from 8), +5 with Expanded Hangars (from +4).
- Dark Templar movement speed increased to 3.5 (from 3.1) and bonus damage vs Psionic units increased to 35 (from 25).
- Shield Batteries' shield regeneration aura increased to 2shields/second (from 1.6) and radius to 6 (from 5).
- Scout attack speed changed to 1.25 (from 1.6) and they now gain +1 damage per upgrade against Armored and Massive units.
- Phoenix now gain +1 damage per upgrade against Light units.
- Oracles' Envision now costs 25 energy (from 50), but lasts only 20 seconds (from 45).
- Oracles' Entomb cast range increased to 8 (from 7) and it can now be used on-already Entombed enemies to refresh the buff's duration.
- Nexus Stasis Containment energy cost per second increased to 2 (from 1).
- Fixed bug: Was difficult to select Shield Batteries.
- Fixed bug: Nexus' power radius was not shown when a Pylon or Warp Prism was selected, and vica versa.

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