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Want to get into the Orion Source Multiplayer Beta 1.2? This is your first chance! We have the details on the contest. Make sure to be quick - as we are only accepting 50 applicants in this wave. Also on the agenda - the reveal of CTF_CATCHMENT! Check out this gorgeous new map coming your way with Beta 1.2!

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ORION - MARCH 2010 UPDATE (2 of many)

Here comes the second of the many March updates. We are vigorously working on Beta 1.2 and are nearing towards the public release. We are close enough where we can start outsourcing the beta and grabbing even more testers! On top of this we are going to be showing off the third (of four) levels - CTF_CATCHMENT!


We are approaching the release of Orion Source MP Beta 1.2. The new beta adds 4 new levels, a new grenade model, an updated flag model and over 30 game fixes and tweaks.

If you want to be one of the first to get your grubby little hands on the beta, here is what you must do:

01 - Be one of the first 50 people to send an email to:
02 - Discuss other games you've beta tested, and why you think you can help us
03 - Your computer specs
04 - Age & Location

This is the first wave for the Beta 1.2 hand out. First come, first serve! Start sending out those emails!


Today we are showcasing a very historical map for Orion. CTF_CATCHMENT has been around for quite some time and in many various different themes and styles - however, the core layout has always remained the same.

Kyle Hadley, our Lead Level Designer and author of CTF_CATCHMENT has spent the last few months tweaking and fixing certain elements of Catchment as well as nailing down the design and visual theme for it.

CTF_CATCHMENT offers some very varied gameplay and many hot spots for battles across the map. There is plenty of cover in Catchment including crates, pipes, and a variety of rooms like sewer system, pipelines, and a central cooling chamber.

If you want to see a very OLD version of Catchment, look no further:

Now - the NEW Catchment!

Stop by and check out our website ( ) and come say hello on our community forums ( ).


Ive sent an email to David now :)

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Sent it.
And btw,nice map,I really really really wanna be your beta tester :P

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Not many comments. Oh well, I bet everyone's busy emailing. I won't bother because I'm probably to late anyway...

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The map looks ace: love the pipes and the lighting is lush :)

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Really? Instead of just releasing it, you're going to have a contest? So it's a private release temporarily? What happened to a Beta 1.1?

This isn't really making any sense and I'd appreciate a good explanation.

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Praz Author

It's a private beta to conduct further beta testing on a larger scale. Network stress, etc.

We're continually updating .dlls upon each test.

Beta 1.0 = FilePlanet & IGN xclusive Beta that launched on Dec 13th. It was a week long beta.

Beta 1.1 was the patch that came out after the week-long FilePlanet & IGN Beta. There was over 40 game fixes and tweaks featured in this patch, as well as additional content and maps. This was what everyone who downloaded the Public Beta received.

Beta 1.2 is nearing public release.

Each beta was to have 2 patches each. So- 1.0 (Beta), 1.1 (patch), 1.2 (patch). Next would be Beta 2.0. Then 2.1, 2.2 then 3.0 and so on.

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Well, so much for hope for this mod. Let me know when it goes public in about... six months.

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