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This will cover the basic storyline of 7th Legion the game 8th Legion is based off of. 8th Legion is after the war with the chosen and the chosen have been driven off into space with their remaining fleet that survived and in the process left some of their troops behind approximately 500,000-1.5million troop. After the war the remaining forces fled to a fortified bunker high in the mountains never to be seen for about 10 years. The legions that formed with 7th broke off and went back to war.

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7th Legion... well, this game is somewhat similar to Command & Conquer. "Yes, another C&C clone," you may think, but this game is somewhat unique in a way.The story is about two factions, the 7th Legion and The Chosen. It takes place in a future in which the Earth has been overpopulated and its precious natural resources are running out! Many scientists broadcast warnings of impending doom! The governments of Earth enact the PEP - the Planetary Evacuation Program - to safely get everyone off Earth into space on massive Colony ships, thus giving the planet a chance to heal.However, when they said "everyone," they didn't mean the entire population, and there was even a lottery that was created to see who would be lucky enough to escape the mass famine and chaos that was to come sooner or later. It quickly became apparent to many people that only the most worthy specimens of the human race - the smart, powerful, and rich - were going to get aboard one of those ships preparing to jump into hyperspace.In the centuries following the evacuation, much of Earth's population perished. The survivors, the somewhat scattered tribes of those left behind, started forming themselves into seven "Legions," all vying for control of what was left. The events of the past, the PEP, and the evacuation all clouded into myth and legend. The most well-known legend tells of the "Returning," a time of war, when the Chosen will come back to claim the Earth, with three signs signaling their return: The Night without Darkness, The Day without Light, and the Rain of Fire.As the game begins, the seventh generation of the Chosen, those descended from the evacuees, have returned as once said, and are prepared to make war on the descendants of those left behind, who have united under the banner of the most powerful of all the legions: the 7th Legion, hence the game's title!The game does have a Command & Conquer feeling, but you don't collect resources; you get them every few minutes, and combat is somewhat different thanks to power cards and power-ups. Power cards can either be positive or negative to the player or the enemy! Also, power-ups are crates scattered around the map which can include invisibility, rapid-fire, or the ability to inflict extra damage if collected by a unit. When a unit collects a crate, any nearby units near the crates also receive the bonus!What sets 7th Legion apart from most Command & Conquer clones is that the player and his enemy can use power cards. These items are at the top right of the screen, and you basically drag one of them to a friendly or enemy unit, where it will have an effect: some cards destroy or damage units and some may be helpful in other ways, such as making the units invisible or stronger in battle! Also, unlike in most games in which you collect credits, in this game you receive a certain amount every few minutes. The base amount is 7500, but this can increase if you kill more enemy troops. You also can get special orders which will tell you, for example, to destroy several of their troops or buildings, and in return, you'll receive a nice amount of bonus credits!The game has a few flaws, such as one of the early problems within the RTS genre: unit pathfinding. Sometimes, if you select a great amount of units all together they will split up all over the map if not controlled properly. Another one is that if you are facing the CPU in a skirmish battle, it could be a bit too easy for an RTS expert. If you know how to play this game well you could win in ten minutes or so, but apart from that, the game is very good. Despite its flaws, this game can be quite fun!

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