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The changes to Original mode and the current progress.

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I have started creating the maps for the "Original Mode" and I felt I should post some more information about it:

What is Original Mode?

Original mode is a complete remake of the Original RPG Game I released. Except it will contain new characters, creatures, locations and all the other new features that have been created for "The Thing II RPG". The Story is that of Captain Blake, based on the 2002 video game "The Thing" by Computer Artworks / Black Label Games.

Summary of Levels and Changes

>Intro Cut-scene: Informs the player about Gen Inc, introduces Dr Faraday and General Whitley.

>Level 1: US Outpost #31 (Ruins) [Mapped]
Re-designed ruined look.
Mac's shack is now ruins (I'm pretty sure he blew it up in the film now)

>Level 2: Norwegian Outpost [Mapped]
Re-designed interior.

>Level 3: Norwegian Weather Station
Expanding and Redesigning Level.

>Level 4: Norwegian Base / Medi-Centre / Burial Pit
Expanding Norwegian Base and Redesigning
Adding Other NPCs to Level
The Medi-Centre will be altered and turned into a survival arena (A key obstacle in the story)

>Level 5: Warehouse
A completely new level to my rpg.
Based on the Warehouse from the 2002 video game.
Will have a puzzle of sorts which will grant access to the Submersible Level.

>Level 6: Submersible
Will be expanded to be a bigger level.
Will alter the puzzle in the test area. Was annoying.

>Whitley Cutscene
>Gen Inc Interior Cutscene

>Level 7: Gen Inc Viral Research Base
I have already begun a redesign for this interior.
Level will be expanded and re-designed.
Will make it more challenging and add a puzzle of sorts.

>Level 8: US Army Outpost / Gen Inc Storage Warehouse
Will Re-design the base complex.
Will add puzzle of sorts to gain access to Warehouse.
Will Redesign and expand warehouse (Was way too laggy before)

>Level 9: Airstrip / Control Tower
Will re-design area to make it bigger (by adding buildings etc)
Will re-write a lot of story here to clarify it and make it make more sense.

>Level 10: Gen Inc Weapons Research
Will Re-design, expand and make overall level bigger and more interesting than before.
Will add a puzzle for accessing the armory containing the "Heavy" Weapons.

>Level 11: Field Base
Before this level was mainly a interlude to the story allowing you to stock up on supplies mostly.
The main point in going here is to get a working chopper.
Will use this base as a restock point and story interlude but will also add a survival part here.
Perhaps Whitley can send soldiers here to eliminate the remnants of the AART.
(Alaska Antarctic Rescue Team)

>Level 12: UFO Crashsite
This is where the final showdown takes place, there are little changes to make here.

>Airstrip Cutscene
>End Credits

When this mode ends you will be able to take any surviving characters over to the new "Story Mode" if you desire. If not you will just exit to the main menu.

Whats Left to Do:

Tutorial Mode (Just needs a full final Test)
Difficulty Selection
Original Mode (In Progress)
Story Mode (The Thing II Story)
Survival Mode (New Survival Mode interface, High Score Based)
DLC Mode (Extra missions added in the future)

Some Graphical Additions / Changes
Create a Manual to accompany game

Final Test

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