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Organisations have a key role when the player is managing the company. The player must complete different goals to join an organisation, which organisations the player's company can join, depends on the player's choices throughout the game.

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Open Market Computers (OMC):

Open Market Computers is an array of predefined computers, which the player can choose to produce, if the company can't afford to develop a computer on it's own. With this feature, even companies who are getting negative profit can still earn some money to have the company still running. This also applies to early started companies with low budget which can not afford the development of the first computer. Producing the computer itself still costs a lot of money, it depends on how many units to produce, and the factory size and the salary of the employees in the factory (npcs), but it's much cheaper than to develop the computer beforehand. This feature is only eligible for companies with; low profit, low profit and reputation, companies with 5 employees or less (including the CEO).
If the company has developed a computer after choosing to use the OMC, and produces over 999 units of that computer, the OMC is not eligible anymore, and the OMC computer is stopped being produced for that company.
The OMC organisation gets 1% of all profit when selling the OMC computer.
The OMC computer can be sold at the maximum price of 800$, and it's much less powerful than a computer which can be developed by the company itself (if the company can afford it).

Patent Office (PO):

At the PO, the player can iniate a patent for a computer design (specifications and cabinet design). A patent works in similar way like a OMC computer. But here it's other companies who pays royalty to the owner. A company can earn extra money when initating a patent for a computer design, if another company chooses to use that patent offcourse. To get another company to use the patent, the owner company must make an arrangment with the target company, which includes; royalty, starting fee, how long the arrangment will last.
At the PO, the player can even create a patent for just a cabinet design. The computer design which are being patented can be chosen not to be developed. The development can be done by a third party company by arrangment by the owner company. This works like a regular arrangment, but with some other features; the owner company can choose to be part of the development by trading money to the development company, and the owner company gets automatically 1% of the shares of the development company, if the owner company owns more than 10% of the development company's shares, it will get nothing.

There are more organisations coming up. There may be some lack of news, since I am in a hospital with poor access to internet.

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