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The Nexus Enclave was created in the shadow of the Cold War by a group of people coming together from many different factions and species from all over the galaxy. They had all come to the conclusion that what was needed in the galaxy, was not another Republic or Empire, but an Organisation working in the shadows to preserve Civilization and hold Chaos at bay in times of conflict, be it war or politics.

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The Nexus Enclave

Organisation Logo

They had all come to the conclusion that what was needed in the galaxy, was not another Republic or Empire, but an Organisation working in the shadows to preserve Civilization and hold Chaos at bay in times of conflict, be it war or politics. - Knowledge is power!

The Prime Directive of the Nexus Enclave is to spread its influence among all bases of power in the galaxy and use that to preserve Order and Civilization in the galaxy. The use of this influence is decided by the Enclave's leaders, whom are not even known to some of its own top operatives or key sources of influence. If it suits it needs, the Order is willing to create not only peace, but also cause war between other factions. Often it is willing to go to any length in order to protect itself, its goals and be a necessary evil in some cases. All these things are outlined in a Charter made after the Enclave's conception, a charter that all members are required to follow without exception.

The Organisation is mostly divided into Five primary cells, all of which have numerable smaller cells which serve a multitude of purposes:

- The First primary cell is Internal Security Divison; a cell whose purpose is to make sure the Organisation isn't infiltrated or compromised by other factions, that the Orders leaders always remain safe and to ensure the loyalty of all members and operatives. Whenever a breach is discovered, they are tasked with eliminating the source, cleaning up the aftermath, even if that means "Burning" half the Organisations operatives. Internal security is considered most vital by High Command since if exposed to a great enough level, the organisation is not only in danger of being wiped out by its many enemies, but also endangering its primary directive and goals.

- The Second primary cell is the Armed Forces Division; a cell who are rarely used for anything other than Security and the occasional Insertion operations. Often utilized by ISD in their efforts to hunt down breaches in security and ensure that vital cells or information centers are destroyed. In case of the AFD being deployed into war zones or similar conflicts, they often rely heavily on the ID (Intelligence Division) to provide the details they need in order to complete the mission.

- The Third primary cell is the Intelligence Division; dedicated entirely to the gathering of information of all kinds, military, economic and political. They are even known to have spread its operatives into some governments at the highest level. The ID is key to the success of the Enclave, which relies heavily on intelligence about the situation across the galaxy. Since the Enclave is neither a public organisation, a military or economic power, the only way they can affect change is by extending their influence and make use of good and precise information.

- The Fourth primary cell is the Agency Infiltration Division; it is responsible for managing all agents who have secured powerful positions within a faction. These are kept separate from the ID for safety reasons in case of a breach of security that ISD fails to prevent. These agents are integral for applying the Enclave's influence on a Government level. This division is also different from the others because it have 3 or more secondary cells (it changes) and is divided by which factions it has agents in. That way if any one faction discovers the secondary cells agent and exposes the rest of the cell. Only that cell and that faction is lost to the order.

- The Fifth primary cell is the Trade and Commerce Division; An organisation as large as the Nexus Enclave needs a significant amount of funding. It gets that funding through the TCD, which manages a series of Front Companies and Enterprises which run legitimate businesses, the biggest of them being Apex Industries Consolidated. The TCD itself directly controls a bank; Solid Holdings, which is used as a place to end the paper tails of the large funding transfers that the front companies send to the nexus Enclave. In order to keep up appearances, the bank also serves people who are unrelated to the order in any other way than the storage of valuables.

All primary cells operate independently and have no ties to other cells other than the occasional combined operation and secondary cells have even less information, knowing only what they need to in order to support or carry out the missions and operations of the primary cell. The High Command consist of a single individual who keeps an eye on all the Cells with the help of several droids who go through the most relevant information. While most decisions are made by the Cells themselves, High risk operations or volatile situations are directly managed by him and the Cell Overseers, who are the only ones who know how to contact him, not that they know his identity.


"A Nexus of Order, An Enclave of Civilization and Protectors of Life. Such is it that we define ourselves, for our cause is as such. We will dedicate ourselves to ensure Chaos does not overtake Order, that Anarchy is a servant of Civilization and that Life prevails in the turmoil of destruction. We vow to do what is necessary to protect not only our selves, but all sentient being in this galaxy, even from our selves. We will stay in the shadows for we seek no lands or territory in the vastness of space and from there we will temper the fire of those who seek such things, and heat up the fires of those whose immediate goals are aligned with ours. - Knowledge is power!"

Oaths of the Order

- We follow the ideals of the order and conform to its rules.

- We put the prime directive above our lives.

- We are sworn to secrecy.

- We will focus only on our assigned tasks. We are not to deviate without orders.

- We shall not compromise other members by seeking information we are not privy to.

The Nexus Enclave reserve the right to terminate the contract if the above oaths are broken

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