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There's an interview about Orcish Inn with more details about the game, new screenshots and a short video about the fishing mechanic! The voting on game features (pigeons versus chickens) is still active!

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An orcish greeting to everyone! I made an interview together with It covers more details about Orcish Inn, its core mechanics and future plans as well as some information about the fishing mechanic. You can check it out right here:


Orcish Inn made some good progress so far. Currently, I'm working on the pipe system. The player will be able to layout pipes to transport materials and products of the beer brewing process. The following two screenshots show the property system and the comfort of rooms the player has to respect, if he wants to raise high quality crops respectively run an attractive inn. I target December for the release of a public pre-alpha for everyone. If you want to stay up-to-date, don't forget to subscribe to the newsletter:


Orcish Inn has a feature vote ongoing. It's about pigeons versus chickens and you can decide, which one gets definitely part of the game. Normally, participating is only open to newsletter subscribers. If you don't want to subscribe, you can post your choice in the comment section below. More information about the vote can be found here:


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