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The public and free pre-alpha of Orcish Inn goes into the 14th round with a new trading feature where items change their buy and sell value depending on several events and a reworked control scheme for transferring and using items.

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Here we go! Orcish Inn 0.0.14 is ready and with it, a new feature called "Trading Prices". Items will change their buy and sell values depending on different events, like weather or season, or randomly. The price of wood will drop for example, if you sell enough of it and the price will stabilize again over the coming days. The building menu, inventory and the pouch interface got also a rework. Finally, there is a new control scheme for transferring and using items, which will make your innkeeper life a lot more comfortable. The funny thing about these changes are, that both the item price changes and the new control scheme are basically ideas from Orcish Inn players. I'm open to all ideas which fit my vision, add something special or useful to the game and can be done with my resources (mostly time), so feel free to share yours in the Steam forums or somewhere else!

You can download the new version with your launcher or, if you are new to Orcish Inn, here:

The highlights of Orcish Inn 0.0.14 are:

  • Trading: the new big feature of this update are changing trade prices for items. The buy and sell value of every item is affected by different events and can change with a new season, different weather, random effects and the player's trading behavior, e.g. selling a lot of wood will lower the price temporarily. In the future, more specific events and clan-related upgrades will change trading prices, too. Especially the random changes will confront you with strategic decisions about when to buy and sell items: yeast prices drop—waiting or buying the required yeast now? Selling all the wood now for the required cash or waiting until it gets winter where the woods' value increase? It's all up to you! Again, balancing is not my focus with Orcish Inn yet, but if you found extraordinary unbalanced item prices, let me know!
  • Trading Interface: with the new trading system, a new page in the hub book becomes available. It let you investigate the price changes of specific items over the recent 28 days. You can also investigate specific views, like the item's random change or season-dependent change.
  • New Inventory Control Scheme: moving and using items got far more comfortable now. Before this update, you had to select and click on a "put in", "pick up" or "eat" button, if you wanted to interact with an item. Now, you just hold SHIFT and click on the item to move one instance of the selected quality from/to the storage/vendor. Holding CONTROL (CTRL) instead, moves all the items across all qualities. Usable items like food can be interacted with by clicking with the right mouse button on the item. Selecting items and qualities is done like before. Besides that, you can select transfer sizes and therefore change how many items are transferred with one SHIFT-click. Beyond this basic control scheme, there are also some tricks for the experienced Orcish Inn player. For example, you can interact with items by right-clicking on a quality selector to use an item of that quality, or on a transfer button, to use a certain amount of the selected quality. The same changes were made to the seed pouch and the interaction with seeds.
  • New Inventory Interface: the inventory and the seed pouch menu got a minor rework for the information displaying part of the interface. All the important data and the basic description are displayed in a scrollable text, now. This change was also necessary because of the new control scheme already explained.
  • New Building Menu: the building menu got a rework, too. It's organized in browsable pages and has a solid background like the other menus. It also shows only available furniture and not like before, where unavailable furnitures got displayed with a transparency effect. The menu also has an area which states the selected furniture's name, cost and data, again with a new solid background which makes reading a lot easier. New furnitures are also highlighted until they are selected the first time.
  • Buyable Furniture Blueprints: some of the furnitures (like the charcoal pile and more) aren't available at the start anymore but have to be bought from the hawker (with reputation and not money)
  • Hardware Support: Orcish Inn works again on older hardware like the version before the last one (sorry about that!)

The full changelog is available here:

The most useful thing you can do for me (besides feedback) is spreading the word! Feel free to share Orcish Inn with your friends, write or talk about it in forums and social media or tell your favorite writers, streamers or Let's Players about the game! You can also subscribe to the newsletter or follow the game on Steam:

(prices change over time; here, the wood's sell value is displayed, which increased

in summer and autumn and reached its peaks during winter)

(the new inventory interface shows all the information on a solid background and

allows to change how many items are transferred with one shift-click)

(the building menu got a total rework, including a better layout with pages,

a solid background and a better furniture description area)

Steven Colling

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