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The new update for the free pre-alpha tavern simulation game Orcish Inn adds pub brawls and an interface to set beer and bed prices.

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Here we go! I hope you are ready for a bunch of fist fights, because your guests will get drunk and aggressive now. When the feelings run high, you can pay a round or hide in your tavern's corner. Or you hold the left mouse button for a second and get into the brawl mode, too! Punch, block, punch, punch. And as a result you probably get some loot from them, like a tooth or a wallet. The furniture gets still broken, though. If you already played Orcish Inn, just start the launcher. Newcomers can download and play Orcish Inn for free right here:

By the way, you can help me to increase the presence of orcs at the Gamescom, a convention in Germany. The folks at Playfield run a contest with the chance to exhibit Orcish Inn. So if you want to help me, follow Orcish Inn on Playfield and vote on Orcish Inn updates there:

The recent update covers the following highlights:

  • Pub Brawls: Your guests get aggressive over time, mostly if they get drunk, but also if they don't enjoy staying in your inn (e.g. because you serve them a beer they don't like or don't find a chair). If they start a brawl, they punch each other (and probably you). Punch back, block or get knocked out by one of them. Prepare to repair your tavern afterwards, too, as furniture gets damaged. If you defeat a brawling visitor, he drops an item, like a tooth. Just want to let you know that. It's a very important part of the game. Collecting teeth of your guests. No. It's not.
  • Beer Prices: You can adjust the beer prices in the hub book from 0% up to 200% of the default selling price. An increased beer price gives you understandably more money, but also generates aggression which can result in a pub brawl. As a consequence, lowering the beer price is a good method to counter the aggression increase through drunkenness and therefore a meaningful way to avoid pub brawls.
  • Bed Prices: Visitors don't pay a certain amount per bed, but scaled with the bed's comfort now. You can also adjust the bed prices and influence the aggression level of your guests.
  • Pay a Round: During a brawl, you can try to stop the brawl with your money instead of fighting by yourself (or waiting until they finished their fights). A button on the screen appears and per click, you can pay a round and promise everyone a free beer. Sadly, that works not always and you have to decide how much beer you want to spend to stop the brawl immediately.
  • Performance: Some of the performance and memory issues (respectively leaks) are fixed. This includes some minor performance tweaks, too. Let me know in the forums if it helped!
  • Sleeping: Automatically sleeping by walking on the bed was reported as a bit annoying, so now you have to hold Z while standing on the bed to sleep.

The full changelog is available here:

I will make a separate announcement next weekend for the future of Orcish Inn. Feel free to leave in the comments what feature you anticipate/wish the most.

The most useful thing you can do for me (besides feedback) is spreading the word! Feel free to share Orcish Inn with your friends, write or talk about it in forums and social media or tell your favorite writers, streamers or Let's Players about the game!

(my guests got angry and they started a pub brawl; I won one fight and got his wallet; two to go!)

(the fight damaged the furniture, which will cost money to repair)

(to prevent guests from raging, I could stop provoking them with high beer prices; have to think about that)

Steven Colling

Lightningy - - 92 comments

Nice, a very humerus (and Ulna) change-log.

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marble.Youtubel - - 994 comments

Nice... i guess

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