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The new version of the free Orcish Inn Pre-Alpha 0.0.11 is available. Now your orc tavern simulation has lodging, with guests staying overnight. You can also steal their items while they are asleep, if you want to be that mean.

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A new version of Orcish Inn is available now. Besides some important bugfixes and minor content additions, the update is all about guests staying overnight: You can craft linen, build bed rooms and satisfy the orcish clan's wish for a restorative night. The satisfactions are also displayed in the hub book now: say goodbye to the temporary interface. Scroll down to the screenshots if you want to have a look.

If you already played Orcish Inn, just start the launcher. Newcomers can download and play Orcish Inn for free right here:

The recent update covers the following changes:

  • Guests Stay Overnight: visitors get drunk, which increases the chance that they stay a night. There is a new satisfaction category "Rest" to take care of (bed comfort + sleeping room comfort + bed count in the room). Some orcs like to sleep alone in a comfortable bed, others prefer big and filthy dormitories.
  • They Probably Forget Items: visitors put an item like a wallet in the nightstand near the bed and depending on how drunk they are, they can forget it.
  • Which You Can Steal Anyway: if you are a not-so-nice innkeeper, you can try to steal it. Perhaps they don't notice you, but they will notice the missing item and get a little bit angry. They can also spot the theft and leave the inn... and get a little bit more angry (the clan's satisfaction is reset to zero then).
  • Craft Comfortable Linen: use fiber, additional ingredients and a loom to craft various linen, with different comfort and some with special effects. A scratchy linen, for example, increases the chance that the guest forgets his item in the morning.
  • Wash and Dry: linen get dirty over time. Wash them in a washing trough with water and soap sold by the hawker. You also have to dry them afterwards.
  • New Satisfaction Interface: the temporary interface for satisfaction got removed and instead, you can look up the clan's current satisfaction in the hub book.
  • And More: pigeons drop feathers, staff-only doors only you can pass as well as a charcoal production.

The full changelog is available here:

Two features are/were on my June list: lodging and pub brawls. Lodging is done (with more content added in the alpha of Orcish Inn). For pub brawls, I still have a week left to work on it, but it will likely released in July together with other stuff. So I'm roughly on schedule and I wish it would go faster, but I thought crafting linen and washing them was a fun theme.

So the next updates will probably have the following features:

  • Pub Brawls: orcs get drunk and aggressive and probably start to damage the inn. The player will have methods to counter a rampage.
  • Socket System: put randomized items in objects (think of it as an "increase production speed of a malt box, wort boiler or brewing kettle by 10%").
  • Farming Rework: more options to change the ground properties (like decreasing wetness/eutrophy) and more.
  • Story Events: small special tasks with a time constraint, a decision and probably negative consequences.

The full roadmap is available in an old announcement:

The most useful thing you can do for me (besides feedback) is spreading the word! Feel free to share Orcish Inn with your friends, write or talk about it in forums and social media or tell your favorite writers, streamers or Let's Players about the game!

(staff-only doors, a charcoal pile, a loom, a washing trough, a dryer and a room full of beds for visitors to stay; you can steal their items, too)

(the new clan satisfaction interface with basic information on the left and a satisfaction overview with the beer (yellow), tavern comfort (purple) and rest satisfaction (blue) on the right)

(a click on the pie chart shows the detailed satisfaction of that category, here the clan's beer satisfaction)

Steven Colling

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