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Orc Island developers access mode has gone live with a huuuuge update! This article covers the latest game elements and also invites you to try the game free, even asking you to create your own island!

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The single player version of Virtual Earth Online is now available and ready for player testing. The game is called Orc Island and is online as a developers access version

Orc Island

Ever fantasize about being stranded on a deserted island and how you would cope? Orc Island is the closest to the experience without getting your feet wet.

The game starts as you are washed ashore on a tropical island. A rock is your only tool and you have to explore the island and scavenge for resources just to get you through your first day. Competing for food with other wildlife on the Island you have to harvest wild crops so you can start your own farming. Mining for resources and creating tools are your next challenge.

The hunting and fishing in Orc Island are great games within themselves. The night time scenes are stunning with wild Orc’s roaming the island in search of food or you, whatever they find first.

Multi Orcs


This is the creature I am working on. He will be friendly and will help in the game for food.


I’m thinking of calling him Gronk. All he ever says is “Gronk” but in different tones.

Hack Orc Island....

You will see there are some RAW files in the Orc Island folder on your C: drive. These files are used to generate the island.

The raw files are 1024 x 1024 in size. They represent the height of the Island. White is high and black is low.

If you change these files you can create your own Island. Simply use a program like Photoshop and alter the images.

When you run Orc Island, click “Reset Map” an a new island will be generated using the height data in the raw files.


Enjoy! Make a cool island and post screenshots or videos to our Twitter or Facebook pages.

Orc Island is being developed in conjunction with Virtual Earth Online by software developer “Rubberman” who started writing video games since 1980. The new proprietary graphics engine is touted as being the fastest ever for PC.

Quick and easy download of the developers access release is at:

Game controls:

  • WASD to move
  • Mouse to look around
  • Right/left click for blocks/materials
  • Space for jump
  • T and space to fly
  • T for up
  • G for down
  • Double click 1-9 for item selection
  • 0 to select hand tools
  • Left/right click for fishing
  • Right click to place items on tools, wood/straw etc on fires
  • Left click to plant and harvest crops
  • Gold can be used in place of any minerals you can't find

Free to play and no need for internet once downloaded.

Follow us on YouTube for the latest video updates!

Orc 2


anyone else try this in running into insane FPS issues?

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VirtualEarthOnline Author

What was happening? I can send to developer, thanks

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I like fps and tps as one because then the climate is better.

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