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JBS 3D progress continues and things are coming together, here are the most recent updates.

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Hey everyone! It has been a little while since I posted a video with some updates, I really wanted to get a lot of things perfect before sharing the progress. Recently I have been working on Shyla's tree house area and feel the decoration for the tree is just about complete, now I can move onto the setup of the surrounding area.

In the video below you will see the most recent additions:

- Orb System (collecting orbs)
- Walk/Run Animations Udated
- HUD displays collected orbs percent
- Climbing on tree house
- Hair Physics
- Jacket Physics
- Animals (Animated, AI)
- Flying

The next major update for the game is the fighting system which will be something similar to Kingdom Hearts with a mix of Batman Arkham Origins. This may take a little while to get the way I like it so expect to see the final setup in a month or two. In between setting up the fighting system I will work on finishing the design for the levels I have currently going, adding in a few HUD additions, creating and placing chests and easter egs, etc.

I will have a blog post coming soon here covering all of what I have been doing up until this point in production, until then, thanks for reading!

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