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Story added, Raiders, more of Mr. Anderson dialogs. Upgrades bugs fixed.

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OM Story

Orange Moon story in V0.0.7.2

Story added, introducing Raiders, more of Mr. Anderson dialogs and astronaut confusion with the situation on the moon. Many bugs are also fixed, especially with upgrades.


  • New puzzle item - Roller’s meat;
  • Added inventory on 4th level;
  • Jammer puzzle on level 6, story related;
  • Player will receive 1 MRC point and 50 additional matter(score) for each raider after receiving a message about it from Mr. Anderson;
  • Added more resources to levels 4, 5 and 6. Total of 6;
  • Added tooltips for score and MRC points conversions on Upgrade Screen;
  • Added more messages from Mr. Anderson;
  • Added more messages from Raiders;
  • Story added up to level 6 including;

OMscreenshotV72 01


  • Slightly reduced time intro displayed on each level;
  • Minigun requires Augs fully upgraded to upgrade;
  • MRC points balanced; all 3 weapons can now be unlocked by the level 8;

OMscreenshotV72 02

OMscreenshotV72 03


  • Sound didn't play when fuel, medkit, alien artifact, upgrade can, or fuel crystal picked up if music was turned off;
  • Saving point was playing sound when sound was turned off in settings;
  • Bot couldn't pick up fuel or medkits;
  • Health for each Aug upgrade added correctly now;
  • Values for shotgun upgrades added correctly;
  • Upgrades for shotgun shells are now affect shotgun damage;
  • Values for Hand Cannon and 50 mm upgrades added/subtracted correctly;
  • Hand cannon now does more damage to armored units when upgraded, such as Raider and Loader;
  • Upgrade values calculated correctly now for minigun;
  • Upgrade values calculated correctly now for plasma rifle and cells;
  • Upgrade values calculated correctly now for jets;
  • Upgrade values calculated correctly now for flamethrower;
  • Upgrade values calculated correctly now for machine gun and .308 ammo;
  • Controller: First upgrade for augmentations didn't add health;
  • Controller: Machine gun upgrades did not change when upgraded with controller.

OMscreenshotV72 05

OMscreenshotV72 03

About Orange Moon

Orange Moon, 2d action platformer game with RPG elements and puzzles, full of dangerous native life forms, raiders, remnants of alien civilization and harsh environments. Search for a new life and natural resources, deploy beacons for mining drones, and find ancient alien artifacts that will help you in your exploration of Orange Moon. Augment your explorer to make him suitable for upcoming challenges, upgrade weapons and ammunition with ancient alien technologies and materials that you'll find in your journey.

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