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So we decided to switch to the Orange Box engine, and to tell you guys whats up with the name.

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We decided to go with Tony's Orange Box SDK Mod Template, which is very very easy to use. We got a "paintball" gun in it already which shoot bolts that fire blood decals everywhere.

Improvement over the last paintball gun:

  • It's now a base, that means we can add more guns (SHOTGUN. Yummy.)
  • Paintball does not catch on fire, except for snipers because I think that looks pretty swell.
  • Stripped down code, only whats necessary and all the other bull-donkey is gone.

Teams and Classes are too easy to add now, I'm deciding to just go ahead and code the class txt files inside the DLL's because its more vulnerable outside. Or maybe encrypt it.

Names, I thought it over and over and over, the name "BlatterSplat" doesn't sound too much appealling and like a PaintBall Mod should be. It could give people the idea that the mod is about people shooting/throwing bladders everywhere and thus a yellow splat. The Orange Box version of "BlatterSplat" is named "BlatterSplatter" which still gives you the idea of BladderSplatter. So, I was thinking about changing the name to something like "SplatterBall" or some other name that is not copyrighted. I really have no idea what I'm asking you but I hope you get the point.

Edit: Disregard all the "we" talk since I'm the only person who's working on it. Thanks to some person for pointing this out.

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