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Orake is being fixed up, and getting ready to take itself to the next level!! Play on steam now!!!

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*Ice Dragon drop “Ice Land Tele”
*Ghost Boss fully in with linear spells “Boss drops all Ghost weapons, Ghost helms, and arrows” *Elemental, and Chaotic Ghosts drop “Ghost ring, legs, plates, shards and arrows”
*Ghost legs can be cooked for ghost shards
*Ghost bolts can be made with Glowing shards
*New God Death Worm drops new range top and God Bow + other small stuff
*New god Called “Kexthra” Drops new God Wand, new spell + other stuff
*New level 50 cave with Dragons, and Dragon Slayer, in this cave you can get -Hides to make bowls -Two different types of wings to make two different types of soups
-Dragon shield
-New spell
*Rainbow fish give 300 more xp
*New Boneyard member area
*New wing cosmetics + you can now dye more weapons, and add wings to rings
*Fixed a lot of grammar errors
*Made tutorial easier for beginners + added Skipper in every room in tutorial
*Made Npc’s in commonly used areas to spawn randomly to avoid botting
*All hides can be noted now, all full, and half potions can be noted
*Maxed capes changed to 110k rather then 600k
*Fixed alchemy experience rates it is now 1.7x easier to level up.
*Balanced armors, gave more endurance and magic armor slightly more endurance and sorcery
*New mini-game almost finished will be removing capture the flag, and adding throwing knifes, and a whip to mini game store.
*Weapons with no rage will not waste rage when you try and use rage.

Programming fixed/added:
*You can trade items and put a (n) before the number and it would glitch out
*Bosses could not use linear spells
*Fixed server errors
*New cosmetic slot!
*Kill counter!
*Volume scrollers
*Sound on/off for bows
*If you had a full inventory you wouldn’t lose gear, now you will
*Fixed using task manager to keep your stuff when you die.
*When alching something more then 100k, it will ask you if your sure
*Changed buying, and selling limits from 100, to 1000
*Menu music on, and off
*Removed log in checker
*Changed combat level to 105
*Added what was needed for the new minigame
*Change password by doing /changepassword (NEW) (OLD)
*Rage bar had two problems with it that are now fixed

-Endurance level
-When you finish a quest with a full inventory the item will go in your bank.
-Exploit needs fix
-Tele block (Something to stop teleing)
-Server restarter (restart the server if any errors, and log the error
-Other players can captcha (a bug in the Captcha code)
-Log in problem (You will press login, and nothing will happen)
-Adding in a market
-Multi server(edited)

Play on steam!! :

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