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Update for about two weeks. Information of what we have done the last two weeks and what is happening around the project.

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We are working hard on optimizing the game to use less memory to make it speed up (so far we've managed to make the game use atleast 10 MB less of memory), this is taking time ofcourse but we are happy to announce that we are now working on a Minimap for the game, we have not decided fully yet if we want a minimap or a fullscreen map that people need to toggle to see. Suggestions are welcome!

New graphics is also on the way which will make all larger grass tiles grow trees.
There will also be background mountains and other stuff to make the game look more alive.

Bad news are also on the horizon as our programmers computer seems to see the unhappy days of RAM failure, so the developement might be slown down cause of lack of computer performance, but ofcourse we will solve the issue as soon as possible.

See you next time!

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