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Simple and small things can be quite useful in big projects

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A quick simple update:

since I am aiming to go from double 6 to possibly double 18 dominoes sets, I made a simple solution of modeling just one tile in blender that will contain two main materials:

  • the material for the whole tile
  • The material for the numbers of each side of the tile

Then for each number I prepared the 19 textures from 0 to 18 withe a normal map (needs work I know) and texture for the tile itself. So that in code I could replace the textures according to the tile I am creating and complete the set. My first test worked but something worried me:

With double 12 I was getting a performance hit, and the problem was easy to find: I was changing the texture of each material for each tile. The solution was simple too: create a map of the common materials and load them once, then for each tile I assign these materials to the tiles making them faster to load and it improved the performance quite a bit

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