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Opium Pulses will now also be posting its newletters to Desura for all to read.

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Easter was good to OP!

We'd like to thank all of our newest members for making this Opium Pulses' busiest month since its birth. We are quickly approaching the 1000 posts mark and we literally couldn't have achieved it without your contributions, so thank you.

The last and first time Opium Pulses sent out a newsletter was during Christmas last year when we had just landed our exclusive interview with big time Postal developers Running With Scissors. Here at Opium Pulses we hate weekly/monthly newsletters filled with information that no one cares about.

We have to admit though that a lot has changed since some of you visited and this letter exists to make some our earliest members aware of the great things happening currently and also, what we have planned for the near future.

Firstly, we have now added functionality to allow LIVE CHAT at the bottom of our page to further expand the abilities for our members to really communicate with one another. This was a feature that literally was requested over and over and since its introduction, we couldn't imagine the forum without it.

Secondly, Opium Pulses has partnered with 3 major gaming communities to better expand what Opium Pulses caters for to integrate a wider target audience allowing the community to grow. In short, we have partnered with game reviewing website '', Steam game trading group 'Trading Revolution' and video game comedy podcast 'TheLowerTierPodcast'.

Thirdly, we have implemented a (similar to Facebook) Like/Dislike feature to all our threads in the forum, meaning our users can express how they feel about certain subjects with the click of a button.

Fourthly, we have recruited new editors to posts guides/reviews on our forum for a general spread of games and have also assigned a couple to our brand new MINECRAFT sections.

Fifthly, Opium Pulses now supports Indie Developers, with our new section (run by GameXotic founder) the 'Developer's Forge' allows talented people from around the world to offer/request help concerning gaming projects. We're really excited about this section as it has already started gaining a respectful chunk of attention. We're soon to have an piece on a game entering Steam's GREENLIGHT program looking for people to vote for it to be released on Steam, for fans of DOOM - keep your eyes peeled.

That's all we'd like to announce for now but the Admin at Opium Pulses are constantly on the lookout for talented people and possible gaming partners to really grow OP into something we can ALL be proud to be a part of.

This is SlipSlot from
And we can't wait to see you back home.

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