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Your opinion is needed! Which of the four should Craka_J focus on? Read on for more information...

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It turns out it may take a little bit longer to finish up the site than we had anticipated. At least we were able to finish the news and about pages. The Game Guide, Links, and Downloads pages will be next. We're saving the gallery page for last since it'll require a slideshow add-on or something more complex than just a page full of thumbnails that redirect you to the image when clicked on. For now, the gallery page remains the same as it was before we changed the site. But it'll change after the other pages are done.

News regarding the mod isn't too different than before. Lots of terrain progress, but I'm waiting to show it off this time... maybe not until it's complete, but until it's near it. The good news today is that we're making progress with models and textures again. Hopefully now I can get a bit more done in some areas.

There are a few suggestions that've been made that I'm not sure if I should decide upon which to do just yet. It'd be appreciated if I can get some of your input on what we should do for the BETA now instead of later. Leave a comment in this article to provide an answer to either of the following:

  • Start reterraining The Barrens
  • Text should float overhead vendors, player-bots, and mobs - just like in WoW!
  • Work more on Orgrimmar and Thunder Bluff
  • Elwyn Forest!!!

There's PLENTY of other suggestions, but those four are the main ones I am considering. Problem is, I can't do it all at the same time (the text one requires JASS, which I'd have to leave up to someone else like Eleandor) so that's why I need everyone's opinion. If you want to help, now's your chance.
Many thanks in advance.


its a good idea for the text to float overhead on the vendors and mobs. orgimmar looks perfect and thunder bluff does too. is there gonna be a working AH just like in wow where you can buy items from vendors in the major cities? that might be a good idea for the people who is having trouble finding armor they need. but other than that the mod is looking good. good luck.

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Craka_J Author

AH is an insanely complex idea to put in Wc3:WoW, but it'll get in there some day. Definitely not soon though. Would take months to get a working prototype in there.

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Id make a list, then find wich is the most important, them move on to the lesser important.

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