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A new blog post, with a lot of new stuff. Finally.

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Hey everyone! Welcome back to our development blog on Operation: Tuxxego 2. This is the final dev blog before release. Let's get into the major additions:

  • Going through the process of updating every map.
  • Added two new game modes, read more about them below.
  • Added a bullet time mechanic.
  • And of course, fixed many bugs.
  • Added remastered optux 1 maps.


The first new game mode for Operation: Tuxxego 2. Swarm puts you and two bots against a zombie mob.


(The loading screen for Swarm)


The second game mode for Operation: Tuxxego 2. Infection turns the player into a zombie. The player must help the other zombies kill waves of Combine Soldiers.


We've also decided to cut Fortress for now because it just isn't ready. It may be added in a future update though.

Requirements to play

To play Operation: Tuxxego 2, you need Half-Life 2 Episode Two on Steam, and you need MapBase, a free expansion of the Source Engine.


When Operation: Tuxxego 2 releases, we will post documentation on making your own maps, stay tuned.



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