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Operation: Polygon Storm is the ultimate tug-of-war strategy game. Mix different builds, battle with different soldiers, experiment with big amount of abilities. Compose the best army, overwhelm your enemy!

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"Operation: Polygon Storm" is a high-stakes military tower defense game that takes strategy and skill to the next level. With a deep and complex battle system, players must create the ultimate army by choosing the right mix of soldiers and abilities. The game's low poly style graphics create a visually stunning world, where everything can explode in a hail of fire and fury. Players can experiment with infinite strategic combinations to discover new and exciting ways to defeat their enemies, ensuring hours of replayability. Complementary unit synergies add another layer of strategy, as players must choose wisely to create the perfect defense. destructible covers provide an extra layer of tactical options, while ragdoll physics and gory blood effects make the game a true test of bravery. "Operation: Polygon Storm" is not for the faint of heart, but those who rise to the challenge will find a rich and rewarding gaming experience.

Operation: Polygon Storm is an intense mix of tug-of-war gameplay and strategic decision-making, offering infinite strategic possibilities and lots of replayability. Key features of the game include:
• Choose complementary unit synergies to maximize your power and create devastating combos
• Everything in the game can be destroyed, from destructible covers and obstacles to ragdoll bodies and gushes of blood
• Deep and complex battle system
• Fast-paced and thrilling gameplay
• A lot of blood and gore for those who love a good fight
• Variety of destructible covers and obstacles for an extra layer of depth

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