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We've implemented a new in-game feature In Operation Market Garden called Victory Point mode. It is a hybrid between Map Control Points(MCP, our standard game mode) and a pure vanilla Company of Heroes Victory Points mode. Operation Market Garden is a persistent multiplayer only modification for Company of Heroes. We are currently in an open Beta, and are constantly improving, adding new OMG features and content. Give us a try!

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This video shows Operation Market Garden Victory Point Mode in action in a test environment.
Please excuse the terrible music from one of our coders. - It is not terrible (Marcus)

In Operation Market Garden , Map Control Population (MCP) is the classic game mode where your population gain is calculated purely on how much of the map you control. To capture a sector all you have to do is move your infantry into it. It starts at 25 population and has a cap of 40. Control of the map is vital to success in that game as it one way to win a game and allow determines what you can call on. For more in depth guide on OMG's features see our wiki article titled, "OMG & You".

However, we've now added a new game mode. Victory Points is a hybrid between Map Control Population and a pure Victory Points mode. Capturing territory to drain pop is still a necessity. However, as well as owning over half the map there are strategic points you can capture too that add to the population calculation. Like the Map Control Point mode it starts at 25 population, but has the cap for 30 instead of 40. Each victory point you control instantly increases your cap by 3.

Point Placement
This is basically the choice of the mappers and at their discretion. Both area's or points (places on the ground, so a town square for example) and buildings can be victory points.

Mappers, if they want, can have multiple points in each area and the game will choose one at random, so on some maps the set up of victory points can be slightly different each time.

Capture Rules
Buildings are relatively simple, you get inside them and you capture them. However, if an enemy unit is within a game distance of 20 from the building it won't capture, and the timer will be reset back to zero.

The buildings that are victory points cannot be 100% destroyed. They are like a headquarters as in you can repair the wreck and get your point back. Also, a destroyed neutral victory point takes far less time to repair than an owned one. This is to dissuade people from destroying the enemies VP before they are even on the field.

Points are pure distance an area of 20 around the point is the "live zone" where you have to be in to capture it, again if enemy units are in that area it won't capture and the capture timer on that point will be reset back to zero.

Background Math
For every Victory Point held your side gain an extra +5 population.

About Us
OMG (Operation Market Garden) is a persistent multiplayer only modification. We've expanded into Opposing Fronts' factions, added new and exclusive maps, and added Tales of Valor and new unique units. We're adding deep and useful veterancy bonuses, new doctrines and an interactive war map. We put a strong emphasis on balance, community, transparency, and fun. We are currently in an open Beta, and are constantly improving, adding new OMG features and content.

To learn more about the Operation Market Garden modification check out our wiki, and to get involved check out our main page.


looks great, I was thinking of implementing something very similar for our mod. Great job guys ;)

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Doink9731 Author


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Yeah thanks Dark, we try :)

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