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So as many of you sick fucks may know, the last "beta" version of OPINHUMAN was kinda rushed out the door...if you don't know that, now you do. i plays just fine, ill run with it from time to time and havent had any issues or anything, but the main thing for me is...its not perfect. So lets get down to brass tacks and cover some shit so your experience kicks more ass. (continued).

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First off...i am one of those people that will half ass the dishes, half ass the laundry, half ass a shower. Ive even slacked during sex before (yes...some doomers do have sex...sometimes. I mean its not a regular thing but it does happen.) but i am also one of those assholes that will sit at my computer for 2 days straight accruing a mountain of garbage to surround myself with while i make sure that my spark particles are on point. I literally threw away a relationship with someone who was way out of my league for this mod, so basically an obsessive asshole.

so now that you have an idea of who i am and how not so different we are (because cmon...dont act like you aint that lame.) i would like to inform you that i have done jack shit to make this mod better. let me just tell you that now. i havent fixed a damn thing. people are always like "you should add this" and "you should clean this up!" and im like "yeah...but like...being an adult sucks and i dont fuckin have time for that shit otherwise i would do it but theres more pressing issues at hand like making sure i have something to eat and trying to find a job that doesnt totally suck and....oh yeah making the map pack that i have been looking to play since i started playing doom that no fucking person has made for one reason or another."

thats where ive been. ive been making a map pack that will hopefully shine through as one of the best. i want to fully realize the attack on earth in doom 2...and nobody has done it well. so thats where ive been. the mod has taken a HUGE back seat. and to be honest...i need to get back to it because this latest edition was dog shit. a lot of shit was awesome, but the lever action shotgun is really burning a hole through my perfectionist pants, and i dont like it.

plus theres 55 other "meta-mod" pieces of shit that just keep getting uploaded into the addon section because apparently nobody will regulate the doom mods. if its BD specific...if should be there, but like the music that works with all doom, and the fuckin copy and paste pieces of shit that i keep seeing in there that are giving nobody credit (trust me, i look) are really starting to chap my ass. someone needs to go in there and clean it up. bad. my mod keeps getting pushed down by like "its a different sound for your shotgun." mods and an add on, what isnt a fucking brutal doom add on is mods that literally dont even use brutal doom, like PB and shit. if they dont run with brutal doom...theyre not much of a fucking add on...are they?

either way, this whole moddb community has not been my favorite lately so ive really been slacking on that and focusing purely on a good map pack. no bullshit or band wagon jumping...and especially no "MORE GORE THAN ANYTHING IN THE WORLD SO MUCH FUCKING GORE ITS LIKE A FUCKING MEME OH MY GOD ITS INSANITY I CANT BELIEVE IT LOOK THERES A SHOTGUN THAT SHOOTS DILDOS AND GRENADES AT THE SAME TIME!" shit. Im just going to make a map pack.

anyway, im going to clean up operation inhuman up to the standards it was before i updated it, then im going to push it out to sea and wait for the next BD. at least until i am done with the map pack. then ill come back with something entirely different. probably an addon for PFEnh.

either way, its coming. no new weapons or anything, just a better more streamlined mod that doesnt completely destroy your frame rates. just give me a week or so.

have a good one. if you see someone not crediting mods (especially that dude that ripped off trailblazer and didnt say anything) report them. you dont fuck with wildweasel and get away with it.


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