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Trailer for the Battlefield 2 Mod Operation Dead Dawn, which is currently in Beta form. Post also includes a list of additions/fixes that we have currently added, and plan to release in the near future.

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Today we have decided to release a short Trailer of Operation Dead Dawn, and some of the changes we have implemented from feedback and suggestions. We really appreciate the input and hope for more in the future.

New additions/fixes that are not yet in the beta contain:
* The newest Zombie Addition (Bat Zombie)
* Waves are a little more frequent but also has been rebalanced
* Hidden Kits have been almost fully setup and are at least ready to be placed around the maps.
* Dalian Plant has been redesigned to fit the theme of the mod as a size 64 Coop Map
* Dark Kark is now a 64 size map with AI support for 64.
* New Arena Mode and map. This serves as a training, so you can learn what each zombie is like. Plus the mode is made so that each round goes through each zombie. Once it does one of each zombie it does 2 of each, then 3 of each, and so on making it progressively harder. Also in Arena you get all 29 Weapons kits to play with, and try out.
* The Infinite zombie dieing bug has been fixed.
* Each Wave is now also Announced using a group of audio files.

The AI is still currently the same, but we hope to have a solution to that in the near future.

Also, I am debating on creating an update to the Beta. A lot of people have requested to have more than one map, plus the 64 size map size makes Dark Kark a lot more interesting to play, you don't feel confined to a small area of the map.

- CrazySoldiersProductions


"Flashlight" attachments,and "Lasersights" anyone?
(And im not talking about the wannabe flashlight/glowstick already in teh mod.Unless ofcourse u put a pistol in his other hand so he can carry the light and some kind of defense at same time.)
Would be nice since its awfully dark in the map/videos view.

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CrazyIvan1745 Author

Well, when in fullscreen it doesn't seem so dark. We can't do a proper flashlight, because BF2 doesn't have directional lighting. besides the current light is an actually lamp-light that does exist. Laser sights wouldn't help at all in this situation I have been thinking that a flare or flare gun to light up an area for a time would be nice. But as of now the lamp light concept is to make you and your team work together in lighting an area and shooting. We want the game to be more of a team-based situation. Thanks for the comment anyways though.

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Ok i see now.
Still looks awesome.I just thought it'd be abit better to make a flashlight.
Guess you cant.
Well eitherway gameplay looks intense and fun from the vids POV

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