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Introduction and summary of Romanov’s Vengeance!

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This article serves to introduce our awesome new mod for the OpenRA engine. Romanov’s Vengeance is based on the unreleased pre-alpha version of OpenRA Red Alert 2 which is currently outright missing several units like Aircraft Carriers or missing logics like Terror Drones infection. It required a lot of work to get the base of the game working and adding all missing stuff from Red Alert 2 to then modifying the game in our image.

Romanov’s Vengeance is going to be based upon RA2 + units from Yuri’s Revenge. Romanov’s Vengeance will serve as a game that will provide a very competitive environment for both 1v1 and team players. Don’t worry for the casual player community we will of course include a strong and reactive AI and a campaign (which will be developed in secret).

We have been introducing a lot of features that are not possible to create in mods based on original RA2/YR engine like:

  • Multiqueue which enables you to build for example two vehicles out of two War Factories at the same time
  • Multiple lobby options to customize your games like enabling the minimap radar right from the start without having to build your own Radar
  • Commander’s Powers that work like C&C: Generals’ General’s Powers (explanation can be found further down in the article)
  • Separate queue tabs for Naval and Air units

RV Lobby Options

We have also performed changes that are similar to other RA2 mods:

  • Separation of Aircraft and Vehicle production, including a new Helipad for Soviets
  • A new subfaction for Soviets, Vietnam, to rival Allies’ 5 subfactions from the original including their special unit the Flame Tank
  • New units and buildings for all factions:
    • Generic:
      • Mobile Expansion Vehicle
    • Allies:
      • Airpad (Commander’s Power)
      • Medic (Commander’s Power)
      • Grenadier
      • B2 Spirit
      • Advanced Coolants
      • Chrono Dragon (Secret Lab Unit)
    • Soviets:
      • Tesla Fence (Commander’s Power)
      • Hijacker (Commander’s Power)
      • Flamethrower
      • Iron Trooper
      • Hind Carryall
      • Helipad
      • Propaganda Tower
      • Mortar Tricycle
      • Flame Tank (Vietnam Special Unit)
      • Devastator (Secret Lab Unit)
  • Subfactions not only differ in one special unit but also in a special ability for each subfaction in RV which are available from Airforce Command HQ or Radar Tower
  • Another take on the balance to correct mistakes that Westwood did in the past for example assigning Infantry Armor to Rocketeers which made them hard to counter in AvA but nonexistent in AvS
  • We are also proud to present a system from C&C: Generals that we call Commander’s Powers in RV:
    • You gain experience through destroying enemy assets to gain Commander’s Points which you can spend on unlocking abilities or new units.

CP bar Allies CP bar Soviets

We have also improved several assets from the original RA2.

RV Apocalypse Tank

This Apocalypse Tank looks way more menacing and threatening than the original one (also closer to the ingame cutscenes).

We are also implementing features that were introduced to modern era C&Cs like Generals and Tiberium Wars.

Rotateable Structures 1

As you can see in the picture above we have implemented rotatable structures. This feature serves mainly to improve the balance on maps. You will be able to rotate Refineries and Warfactories of all factions into 4 directions (NW, NE, SW and SW).

We will continue to keep you guys up to date with any further changes for instances posting new Pictures, creating new maps or even recording some Gameplay VODs.

In the meantime stay tuned and keep an eye out for the following streamers covering RV at certain events:



The RV Team!



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One of the devs of *this* RA2 OpenRA mod told me the project was almost finished:
I don't really understand what going on.

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ZxGanon Author

That is Dodocats mod. He wants to purely recreate YR for OpenRA while Romanov's Vengeance is going to advance and modernize YR + adding additional assets also with a new campaign.

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So I think RV is more like MO. They(RV and MO) are an enhancement to the original YR

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Hey, I am the author of OpenRA Yuri's Revenge, it is almost finished, Yuri faction is already playable, I am making campaigns.

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Hey! A number of things:
• First, thanks so much for your work. I know many people whose favourite RTS of all time is RA2, and many of them have had trouble getting it to run on their modern systems, so I'm sure I speak for all of them when I say we really appreciate what you're doing!
• Second, is your mod a pure engine port with bug fixes? Or is it going to be all “optimised for competitive play” like OpenRA has been? Because I have to admit, a lot of the OpenRA balances have sucked the fun out of it for me. The original RA felt like goofy fun, but OpenRA feels like an athlete's diet: all precise and restricted and tailored for the big stage.
• Third, I really tried to get your mod working, but I just couldn't get the code to compile myself. Just error after error. Is there an installer coming any time soon?
Thanks again!

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Thanks for your feedback, my mod based on OpenRA release version and playtest version. You should post an issue about error you met into the issue page. As for the installer, I will publish a workable installer for this mod.

The issue page:

Thank you again for your support of this mod! :))

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I am glad to tell you that Yuri's Revenge has the installer:

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Amazing news!
But uh... is there some kind of setup guide?
I downloaded it and installed it,
and it made a shortcut on my desktop,
but running it just produced a “Fatal Error” message box.
Is there some place I have to put it or something?

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I think you can post an issue to the mod:

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There is only one thing to say at a time like this...


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Looking forward with this.

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