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The Mod seems to be starting off well. 3 Mappers, a Composer, 2 Voice Actors, a Public Relations Adviser and a Playtester.

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Hello everyone! The progress standard on this mod seems to be way higher than that of any mod I've ever attempted. We've already acquired several mappers (including myself), a composer, two voice actors, a public relations adviser and a playtester. What makes this even better is that the quality standard as well is a lot higher which makes me really happy.

I'm hoping this mod is released well and we get good feedback because I'd love to make a sequel. The ending (not giving any spoilers) is well fit for a sequel.

Anyway, here's some Media for you.

Ambient Halls - by Dark Pivot

World Portals Demonstration Poster - by Myself
WIP Content - Chapter 1 - Observation

Everything seems to be going along smoothly. I'm still trying to find a good lighting method for the hallways, I can't find anything in Vlave's maps because the lighting you see when you're in the hallways come from the test chambers/sky. I don't think valve ever thought about it because there's no lighting fixtures in any of those maps in the hallways.

I tried reusing a method from Portal 1, and ported models over but they only work well in Observation Rooms and so forth. Another attempt I had at it was using the floorlights from Portal 1 as well. Strangely the 'light' part of the model turns black/off when ingame and there's no other skins for the model. It's frustrated me a lot. I think I'll have to invent my own method for it. I already have a few ideas that would probably look good.

"Observation" Mapping - by Myself
WIP Content - Chapter 1 - Observation

I'm attempting to keep the feel of Portal while also keeping my own style to make it seem more lively. I'm pretty sure before the Resonance Cascade that Aperture was very different in the sense that it felt more warm due to the fact that there were still humans there. I suppose once GLaDOS took over, things became a lot more cold.

Also working from the point-of-view of a scientist is very different and a bit harder too because there's not much 'behind the scenes' content of the observation rooms. It lets me experiment and invent my own concepts for it.

So having settled on a ton of things for the game such as the name of the first chapter and the name of the main character. There's still a lot to do that comes from that. Modeling the main character is one thing, actually building the first chapter is another.

So far we have no modelers, and we need some. If you're experienced with modeling for source and making high-poly models. Contact me and I'll evaluate your skill for the mod.

"Observation" Mapping - by Myself
WIP Content - Chapter 1 - Observation

Being that this is probably my most successful mod and the first one I'll actually finish. I'm happy to hear your thoughts and opinions on the mod. To improve it and form it around what you want. Please constructive criticism only. Thanks!

- BlabVoid, out.


Very nice, I like the way you did the media update. It looks great!

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BlabVoid Author

It's pretty good isn't it?

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