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Refer to this If You've just arrived. Quotes my original opener, as well as general updates

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Ocho wrote: The Mod
Cry Life is the WIP name of a Half life 2 remake. (the final name will not refer to the cry-engine or such)

The remake is because there is a lot of cut content gathered on the combine overwiki

My Progress
Having toying the idea of sneaking into city 17 with refugees, I felt the level was rather pointless as you wandered past a lake with nothing to do and no weapons meaning enemies would be unsuitable. I feel that the opening cinematic's will be much better with the combine aware of Gordon's presence.

I am already redoing the train station, which was oversized and too unlike the one in HL2 which I am quite fond of, its a keeper

29/04/10 Less than A Month has passed (23 days) since I put this mod up, to be honest that's only a few days before I started working on it.

Your response as a community is truly inspiring, much more accepting than I thought it was possible for a mod so lacking in progress.

For now, I will continue to work on the very early progress, and hope to show you regular updates

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