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An open preview version of Alakrom is coming. Everyone will be able to try it and see it improving and growing.

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I decided to let everyone try the game at early stage, so in the next days i'll work to setup all the feature needed for user management (registration, password reset, profile change etc.) on the site.

At the moment the game features:
- one map for 1vs1 matches
- four unit types: master, warrior, archer and cleric

The Master is the starting unit for each player. His main ability is to summon other unitsspending mana. He cannot summon other Masters, so he's extremely important: if you lose your Master you're probably going to lose the match.

The Warrior is the classic swordsman, he's the best melee unit and has many hit points. It's the backbone of most armies. He has a basic attack which hit a single enemy at short distance but he also has a special action: if not moving on the current turn, the warrior can use his typhoon attack to hit all enemy units adjacent to him.

The Archer is a basic ranged unit. He's not many hit points and he's very weak on melee combat, but he can shoot arrows from a distance of three cells, great for damaging enemy warriors from a safe spot.

The Cleric is a "utility" unit. He's not so bad at melee combat, but his most valuable ability is to heal friendly unit. He's slower than other units and costs more mana, so it's better to tak him behind warriors and not too exposed to enemies because he won't be able to retire from the battle.

I won't add units or maps in these days while working on the user management part of the site, so the units and map presented above will be those ones available at the opening. After the site is ready i'll begin adding new content, basing my decisions on players thought and preferences, too.

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