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Please re download the mod latest versions either or 23/01/2020

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This mod is capable of satisfying everyone's Star Wars dreams

Please re download the mod latest versions either or 23/01/2020. PLEASE RATE THE MOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

It consists on a big update of the original OJP V1.2 Enhanced originally developed by the OJP team and fixed by FJA clan. It includes changes to the engine (dll files) as well as many other changes to the rest of the game. Fixed and New Force Powers (Drain, Absorb, Protect, Mind Trick, Heal, Lightning (single and dual handed), Drain (single and dual handed), Grip, Speed, Jump, Push, Pull, See, Throw (single and staff)). Levels for each force power adjusted ranging from small radius, damage (JKA MP style)... to large radius (TFU style), damage (Battlefront 2 style)). Fixed and New weapons (Westar W-34 pistol (single and dual handed), Blastech DL-44 Blaster pistol (single and dual handed), Blastech E-11 Blaster Rifle, Blastech A280 Blaster Rifle, Wookie Bowcaster, Tenloss DXR6 Disruptor Rifle, Blastech DC-15A Repeater Rifle, Blastech T-21 Repeater Rifle, Stouker Concussion Rifle, Merr-Sonn PLX-2M Rocket Launcher, Baktoid Blaster/Rocket Gauntlet). Levels for each weapon adjusted with more realistic damage, fire rate, unlimited ammo (Battlefront 2 style)...). Fixed and New Items (Biotech Bacta Canister (small and large), Force Field Projector, Czerka ZX Flamethrower (single and dual handed), Dioxis Gas Emitter (single and dual handed), Mitrinomon z6 Jetpack, Cloak Generator, Sentry Turret, Marksman-H Training Droid, Blastech E-web Blaster Cannon, NeuroSaav T2.3 Electrobinoculars, Grapple Hook). Fixed Gametypes including all JK2 and JK3 maps and SP missions (Cooperative/Single Player, Free for All, Team Free for All, Capture the Flag, Capture the Ysalamiri, Jedi Master, Holocron Free for All). New bots arranged in a classes setup including (Assault, Support, Officer, Specialist, Enforcer, Aerial, Demolition, Infiltrator, Jedi Knight, Jedi Master, Sith Assasin, Sith Lord and Warrior. Many bugs fixed which I cant even remember.


1)Do not run server with less than 100 experience points as then bots wont be carrying correct weapon.

2) Gun bots have to be spawned with Initiate Mastery which has been set to 0 force powers while force users need to be spawned with higher force mastery ranks. Normal bots work best.


1)Some cooperative-single player missions dont work such as Yavin 1

2)Duel must be run with autojoin option on (already by default) otherwise the menus for this gametype wont work, wait until killed once and respawn with the desired configuration

Update 1 12/08/2020

1)Replaced the DC-15S Blaster Carbine with the A280 Blaster Rifle since the former was too similar to the E-11 blaster rifle and the DC-15A Repeater Rifle and always felt a rebel rifle was always necessary.

2)Changed Secondary Fire of the former to become the alternative to the E-11

3)Repaired wookie bowcaster zoom to be available at all skill levels as previously done for all the pistols

4)Added new character models such as bx droid, embo, bib fortuna, jedi hunter droid, scuba trooper, starkiller, 9th sister, jedi temple guard

5)Balanced weapons a bit more (damage fire rate)

6)Changed starting weapons in Jedimaster to match those of a clone trooper during order 66

Update 2 15/08/2020

1) Force Drain repaired now it will affect all npcs, not just the force user ones or the bots and will not push enemies like lightning anymore

2)Balanced Coop missions by removing scripts since most missions perform better without them, they will be readded in the future

3) New characters (Bo Katan, Luminara, Tarkin, Krennic, Thrawn, black trooper, flame trooper...)

Update 3 22/08/2020

1) Force Protect improved can now deflect more blaster depending on the level

2)Force Absorb improved with level 2 better leveled

3)Bacta Canister Health increased to 50 and to 100 in the case of the large one. Created a third level which gives you both so that gunners can better counter the force heal of force users

4)Flamethrower now burns dead bodies in a similar way as lightning electrifies them and drain surrounds the body with red light

4)Added missing JK2 assets

5)Added missing textures of some maps

Update 4 11/09/2020

1)Added saberthrow for most saberstaffs like for Darth Maul in BF2

2)Changed both the Westar and Dl44 pistols secondary fire with both now stunning instead of damaging, the dl44 having more fire rate with charging ability and the westar less fire rate with no charging.

3)Repaired Baktoid Blaster/Rocket Gauntlet so that the glitch at the centre of the screen is not there anymore

4)Repaired weapons projectile velocities

5)Added very high playermodels, maps, npcs, shaders, vehicles and q3heads limits to improve the stability of the game with the game behaving well when playing against 32 players

6)Added many saber models

Update 5 02/10/2020

1)Repaired all health, shields, force, dodge, fuel and battery bars with several levels ranging from 100 to 500 hp and sp for the health and shields (upgraded through abilities) or 0 to 250fp and dp for the force and dodge (upgraded through force sight) or 0 to 250 for the fuel and battery (upgraded through jetpack, flamethrower or cloak)

2)Fixed saberthrow for the missing base saberstaffs

3)Fixed gun bots classes. These are as follows depending on the faction (mercenary faction classes are mixed between these)

Assault: E11 (Empire and Confederacy) or A280 (Rebellion and Republic)

Support: Dc15 (Rebellion and Republic) or T21 (Empire and Confederacy)

Officer: 1x dl 44 (Rebellion and Confederacy) or 1x Westar (Empire and Republic)

Specialist: Bowcaster (Rebellion and Confederacy) or Disruptor (Empire and Republic)

Enforcer: Wrist Gauntlet (Rebellion and Confederacy) or Concussion (Empire and Republic)

Aerial: E11 and jetpack (4 previous factions) or 2x dl44 and jetpack (some mercenaries such as Jango Fett, bo Katan or Jaster Mereeel)

Infiltrator: 2x dl 44 (All factions)

Demolition: Rocket Launcher (All factions)

4)Fixed some weapons damage and speed like for the concussion, rocket launcher or the grenades to be more competitive

5)Removed other games limits

Update 6 03/10/2020

1)Fixed the Concussion for the Enforcer class

2)Added 2x Westar pistols for the infiltrator (Republic and Empire)

3)Fixed the bots list

Update 7 18/10/2020

1)Fixed Force Drain and at all levels with proper animations, effects and sound (no more lightning effects at low levels)

2)Fixed Force Lightning with sound

3)Fixed Force Grip Level 1 which was previously bugged

4)Rescaled the damage and firerate of all weapons to achieve more balance

5)Rescaled the force powers to achieve more balance

Update 8 26/10/2020

1)Added Dual handed flamethrower at level 3 (Shae Vizla style from SWTOR) as well as damage levels to the flamethrower

2)Force drain can now be stopped by force absorb in a similar way to lightning with the hand and with the saber so that sith are not invincible

3)Made the game completely limitless (now 4096 player heads, 256 vehicles, 1024 maps, 256 sp maps, 2048 demos and movies)

4)Fixed many bugs in cooperative, now it will be rare for the game to crash

Update 9 06/11/2020

1)New Ability: Dioxis Gas Emitter with several damage, gas levels and dual handed at level 3 like the flamethrower. it uses the fuel bar (keep f pressed once the item has been chosen)

2) New Ability: Grapple hook to move around the maps (keep h pressed while using melee)

3) Mindtrick fully repaired, now it works on npcs as well as bots, it will fully convert npcs at level 3 and distract them at lower levels while it will distract bots at all levels

4)Added the possibility of including friendly bots in cooperative/singleplayer to help in completing the missions

5)Saber Animations Improved including the ones from OJP1.3

Update 10 23/01/2021

1)Improved the profile menus

2)Created 2 different versions

Version: Expanded, which includes the OJP fundamental assets previously mentioned as well as the KOTF expansion with all new the characters (from the old republic and sith empire up to the first order and resistance), new bots (characters with different list colors according to the faction: old republic white, sith empire black, republic pink, confederacy blue, rebellion red, empire green, bounty hunters cyan, pirates yellow, civilians cyan, mandalorians yellow, the resistance red and the first order green), new ffa, duel, ctf and siege maps (all KOTF maps), sabers (all KOTF sabers) and vehicles (all KOTF vehicles).

Version: Standard, which includes the OJP fundamental assets previously mentioned with no extra characters, bots, maps or vehicles.

Future release

1)extra force powers weapons, abilities and gadgets

Please redownload the mod and PLEASE RATE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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