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Open-Development media policy: We will strive to be as open as possible with the development process. Lots of WIP will be shown! Be civil. :)

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Hey guys! Here to clear something up real quick for you all.

Remember that great mod, Black Mesa? Anyone familiar with the Black Mesa mod and its agonizing development cycle may remember long periods of media blackout. Since this is a community project rather than a full-fledged modding team, we are pleased to announce that, unlike the original mod, it will be our policy to strive to be as open as possible with the development process!

That's right. Expect to see half-finished areas, heavy WIP, and lots and LOTS of orange and gray "dev" textures!

Jump Room
Case in point

We do, however, announce this policy with a disclaimer: We hope that all of our followers will try their best to be as mature as possible (heh, who am I kidding... this is the internet :P), and realize that due to the open nature of our development process, the vast majority of media that will be released will NOT in any way be fully representative of the final product.

In a way, this can be a good thing! It allows YOU, the followers, to give feedback early, so that we can make easy changes to give YOU what you want!

So criticize away! Just remember... try to keep it civil!



"heh, who am I kidding... this is the internet :P"

Classic :P

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Heres a quick idea that you can maybe impliment? As the original remake of the game was structured to make a little more sense in a realistic way. So try follow that principle?

I think the only point in the Half-Life training section that didn't make sense was the weapon training. I see no point that scientists included weapon training for the purpose of a safety suit that wasn't designed for combat. (maybe it was and I am mistaken)So, as a solution for the weapon training, perhaps make it a bonus at the end of the training?

You finish up the training, and there you meet Barney (the beloved security guard), and then perhaps he sets up a little challenge in the shooting range where he trains, and walks you through some additional passage ways to get there, and there you get to try out some of the weapons as part of the training?

Make sense? I think so, and it's a nice creative approach to the remake of the training level =)

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Please note that the HEV Mark IV suit is used for handling unstable and possibly radioactive materials and traveling to Xen, as Xen is inhabited by hostile life forms, any scientist exploring there need to be armed with weapons. And thus, needing the weapons training.

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