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For MineCon 2011 we are going to have two types of sessions… panels and lighting talks.

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Calling all speakers! Calling all speakers!

For MineCon 2011 we are going to have two types of sessions… panels and lighting talks.

Panels will generally be an hour long and will consist of multiple panellists speaking about the same topic. This means that you don't have to be on stage alone, which will give us more entertaining and free-flowing sessions. A panel usually consists of three to six people who will speak and answer questions about a specific topic, and a moderator who will introduce the panellists, take questions from the audience and generally keep the session moving and on-time.

Lightning talks will be 5-minutes long and are great for presenting ideas, concepts or to show off some great work you've done. You will have to submit a 5-minute long video OR 20 presentation slides that will play for 15 seconds each (if you are chosen these will need to be submitted by 11-01-11). Lightning talks keep you on track and allow you to get your point across quickly and in a short, entertaining format.

In order to submit a panel or lightning talk you must follow these directions:

1. Choose whether you want to be a panellist or give a lightning talk.
2. Send an email to with the following attached:

  • type of session you want to give (panel/lightning talk)
  • your suggested session's title description of your session (between 150 and 300 words)
  • who you think your potential audience is
  • suggestions of other people you think should be involved in your panel (ignore this for lightning talks)
  • a link to a 30-60 second video of yourself, telling us why you and your session should be chosen

  • 3. Wait at your computer for an email from Mojang! Ok, don't really wait, but you will hear back from us within a couple weeks. Do NOT submit your email multiple times, and do NOT email, Twitter, Facebook, call, stalk or otherwise ask us if we have gotten to your proposal yet. We are going to have lots of submissions and your messages will only distract us and take time away from us getting through them all. Everyone who takes the time to put together a proposal WILL hear back from us!

    If your session is chosen, we will email you and give you instructions on how to proceed. You will need to have a MineCon ticket, get yourself to Vegas and take care of your food and lodging. This is a special opportunity and we want all panellists and lightning speakers to be a committed part of the Minecraft community. Although we will say… you'll walk away with an extra special Speaker Swag Bag!


    -What makes for a good proposal? Be as specific as possible. It will take planning and pre-thought to make a specific proposal, and those are the same things you'll need to make a successful session.

    -What makes for a good video? We want you to take those 30-60 seconds to make us really want to see your session. So don't worry about special effects or cool camera work, make it about the content and sell sell sell your idea to us!

    -Can I submit a panel with other people? YES! If you want to create a panel and you already know the other people who will be involved, submit your idea together! You'll have to get creative in your video, but make sure to include (or in some way introduce) everyone.

    -What if I submit the same idea as someone else? Great! If it's an idea we choose we will probably put you together in the same panel so you can both present as panellists. The deadline for submissions is Friday, October 14th at 11:59 PST. If you haven't already purchased your MineCon ticket, do that here. Also our room block is almost full, make sure to book now to reserve your room at the Mandalay Bay.

    (Mojang blog link)

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