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Release 3 of open beta is now on the horizon. It incorporates new unit textures and changes based on multiplayer community input.

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Open Beta Release 3 On the Horizon!
Change Log for Update 3

New Features

  • Remote controlled cruise missiles are now spawned using dedicated ground launch platforms for Air role. Mobile launchers are 2001 RP each and have recharge time of 60 seconds per missile spawn order.
  • Note that cruise missile can only be spawned in near vicinity of the launch platform. Once the missile has spawned, the player has to then select the missile and manually guide it onto his target. The missile can be intercepted by AA while en route.
  • Replaced USA carpet bombing run tactical aid to B-1B Lancer. Gravity bombs dropped from B-1 now employ cluster sub-munitions.
  • Widened the tactical aid notification box size for carpet bombing TA. Note that this change has NO effect to gameplay. Massive enlarged the blast radius of carpet bombing TA back in Update 10 but forgot to increase the notification box size accordingly to the new balancing change.
  • Upgraded skin textures for various mechanized units.

Balancing Changes

  • Defensive Attack Helicopters no longer auto-acquire their targets. Player must manually order the unit to attack in order to launch the ATGM.
  • Increased movement speed of Heavy SAM and Fire Control Radars from 7.5 to 10.

Skin Texture Updates

Please note that a guide to choosing the correct download for Open Beta Release 2 can still be found here.
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