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Alliance of the Systemlords just got another big update (like five pages of changelog big) with open beta patch 2.5.2! A subset of these changes also made it to stable with patch 1.7.3.

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Open beta patch 2.5.2

Hello community,

Alliance of the Systemlords just got another big update (like five pages of changelog big) with open beta patch 2.5.2!

This patch addresses various issues in the The Alliance of the System Lords galactic campaign, including but not limited to:
- Several tweaks, fixes and adjustments to galactic goals
- Various adjustments to tactical missions, especially tweaks in regard of the selected difficulty
- Adjustments to nearly all ground maps to make them more fun to play
- General stability and performance of the GC, including a fix for crashes during tactical caused by missile projectiles
Moreover new weapon hardpoint symbols have been added to all ships, to allow distinguishing between light, medium, heavy, artillery, and special weapons as well as missiles/drones at first glance.


- Decreased particle counts for some "heavy-hitters" such as the missile smoke effects, should now only take about a third of the particle amount
- Changed some settings for several recently added particles as a precaution, some of those (Goauld hit effects) might be removed down the line
- Small visual improvement to Hatak projectiles.

- Added new hardpoint weapon icons for all ships (light, medium, heavy, artillery, and special weapons as well as missiles/drones)
- Added several new galactic planet previews (zoomed_terrain_image)
- Added missing texture

- Added new Systemlord specific buildings for big resource mine and palace
- Added new reinforcement points: New symbols for the System Lords and added blink effect to Vocume to make them easier to spot. Neutral posts now also show the pop cap they provide
- Updated Asgard ONeill model, fix shadow and shield and use it for Thor as well - resolves #3342
- Fixed Wraith Hangar ALT stage gate position being off (Resolves #3311)
- Fixed particle name in Tauri_Projectile_Satellite_Railgun_Blue.alo (Resolves #0003343)
- New version of Map_Asset_Goauld_Pyramid.ALO with shadow

The Alliance of the System Lords:
- Added free spawn units to all main faction ground production buildings
- Added new ground capturables: Abandoned Goauld factory, Abandoned Goauld sensor array, Abandoned Goauld Deathglider/Teltak/Alkesh
- Added Kull spawns to Symbiote Tank and fixed Symbiote Tank not being hit by projectiles (Resolves #0003433)
- Added missing planet ability to Anubis Homeworld and Earth
- Fixed base shields being buildable twice
- Fixed base shields still showing shield bubble after being destroyed
- Fixed Systemlord units not being capable of capturing landing zones and turret build pads
- Fixed Tower Defense buildings not having a destroyed state
- Fixed Bastet Guards missing in public beta
- Fixed planets connecting in GC that shouldn't connect
- Fixed syslord starbase spawning more units than desired
- Increased planet capture bonus from 50 to 300 for all planets
- Increased AG-3 health and damage
- Increased damage/armor of all syslord space heroes significantly
- Potential fix for AI not moving Baal (Issue #0003385)
- Recoded all Syslord ground buildings since they all had prereqs they couldn't meet. This should fix a bunch of AI issues and the HQ appearing twice in tactical.
- After invading land, the gate will now shut off, giving the impression the invader just came trough the gate
- Goauld: Increased the damage of Herak-in-Anubis-Supership energy weapon
- Goauld: Fixed Eye-for-the-gods excavation requiring a starbase - resolves #0003384
- Goauld Revanna: The mission difficulty now depends on the games selected difficulty
- Goauld Revanna: The poison carrier is now easier to catch up with
- Goauld Revanna: Added new hint telling the player who can be killed and who shouldn't be
- Tauri: Made Tau'ri Big Resource Mine buildable on Erebus
- Tauri: Fix removing objective to send Selmak to Revanna
- Tauri: Give player credits for fleet build up before Vorash mission
- Tauri: Allow SG-1 trigger Chulak mission if other units are around
- Tauri: Increased 'Baal escaped' timer
- Tauri: Increased the damage and durability of the Syslord invasion Kull significantly
- Tauri: Reduced the amount of systemlords starting forces
- Tauri Earth: Make radar blip for Antarctica defense appear earlier
- Tauri Vorash: Add difficulty adjustments and a tactical hint on how to win the mission
- Tauri Hassara: Reduce detection range further
- Tauri Hassara: Allow Selmak to hide in space fields
- Tauri Hassara: Adjust turret positions and add tactical advice
- Tauri Chulak: Increased fow reveal for Tealc during the mission

Pegasus Prelude:
- Fixed difficulty check for PP Athos mission not working
- Disable Pathfinder for PP: Wraith: Final mission to prevent a soft lock making the fisrt mission stage nearly impoissible to win
- Added Asuran shipyard to the Asuras forces in PP (Ancient side) (Issue #0003377)
- Fixed PP Wraith story line having debug events enabled

- Added capital to the frigate targeting priority set. This should fix any issue with the heavy sats not prioritizing capitals over fighters
- Anti Air units and Medics will now stay further back when being moved together with other squads
- Bombing run units can no longer capture CPs
- Changed how the hyperspace window works hopefully increasing stability since a lot less objects scripts are run
- Changed income bonus of ground and space resource mines from a percentage to a fixed income
- Fixed an issue with transports potentially spawning units outside of the landing zone
- Fixed hardpoint error in Aschen starbase
- Fixed some a_count + 1 == static_castint(sfx.size()) errors for some ground building (Issue #0002307)
- Fixed some buildings being targeted at too high, causing some shots too miss
- Fixed Teltak, Alkesh and Wraith Shuttle moving inside each other occasionally - resolves #0003411
- Fixed Transportation Rings being targetable
- Increased clickable area of the Battle Pending Dialog (Resolves #3331)
- Made all no_prereq variants neutral to remove them from ai considerations (minor performance boost)
- Prevent mod from loading some unneeded vanilla units (minor performance boost)
- Reduced the general efficiency of anti-air in tactical land battles
- Updated Gun Balloon: Moved to lower build row and changed last fow state to true
- General code-cleanup

- Priest now has a better effect on low-health units and a less extreme boost on high-health units
- Increased land Alkesh anti-infantry damage
- Fixed wrong good/bad against settings of the System Flagship and the Artillery Hatak
- Fixed Ground-Teltak death clone being scaled too big
- Updated Goa AA unit Targeting_Max_Attack_Distance - resolves #3412

- Recoded all missiles to prevent issues with crashing
- Allowed Thor to Focus Fire on orbital structures (resolves #0003430)
- Added more meaningful range indicators to Thors Chariot ability- resolves #0003402
- Added sensor jamming ability, stealth detection and reinforcement disruption to Tau'ri Long Range Scanner
- Added self-healing to Selmak, Baratc, and Tealc
- Increased Carter Grenade Activation_Max_Range and made the grenade explode faster
- Increased Tauri AA turret projectile Max_Flight_Distance since you could see them disappear in mid-air
- Fixed Targeting_Max_Attack_Distances on Stinger Team, MG team and Mortar
- Fixed faulty Asgard Shipyard module HPs (issue #0003397)
- Disabled O'Neill C4 autofire
- Reduced projectile speed of the Tauri land bomber's bomb
- Removed special forces destruction survivors from Tauri structures

- Fixed Tokra Teltak deploying Jaffa instead of Tokra soldiers
- Added custom ability name for Tokra Commando blend (issue #3394)

- Changed Wraith Shuttle to only carry infantry

- Added new speech sounds for Bratac (fix #3358)
- Added more speech sounds to Selmak
- Added new iconic Goauld bombardment sound
- Created speech sounds for female jaffa and added them to the Bastet Guards

- Fixed the first landing zone not being automatically assigned to the attacker on: Cal Mah, P5S-117, and Pangar
- Significantly increased the quality of all skirmish ground preview map images
- Fixed wrong SysLords Guard Tower starting forces on Juna breaking the ground map preview (resolves #3378)
- Fixed some broken AI data on some maps, potentially preventing a hard crash
- Fixed wrong ambient sounds (birds, ...) on some space maps
- Corrected turret rotation on various ground maps
- Various core space maps now have their special structures moved closer to the starbase
- Updated the passability of all ground maps to better reflect the pathing options on the minimap
- Reworked all ground maps, with some of the applied changes as follows (but not limited to):
- Cal Mah (ground): Smoothed the hill that blocked the turret next to the gate
- Chulak (space): Updated sun settings to make battles easier to read (resolves #003407)
- Chulak (ground): Added another CP to the center, changed passability to "impassable" for the empty area north of the city, and removed trees from the base buildings (resolves #0003398)
- Dendera (ground): Moved pads outside the LZ radius, reworked the access to the outbase building near the LZ, updated passability for building, added more turrets, added more props, extend the city along cliff westwards, added capturable Teltak (resolves #0003410)
- Delmak (ground): Fixed transportation rings not showing up, updated passability, added more turret build pads, increased the pop cap of the starting landing zone and updated empty pits
- Entac (ground): Improve lighting, Change LZ positions, Add turret buildpads (resolves #0003409)
- Erebus (ground): Moved bottom right landing zone so it doesn't overlap with the steep terrain (Resolves #3351)
- Hakytl (ground skirmish): Fixed several unique props missing. Prevented units spawned in the camp LZ being stuck in the tents (Issue #0002596)
- Juna (ground): Added turrets to outbase position area bottom left, cleared LZs from obstacles (resolves #0003413)
- Pangar (ground): Updated passability setup on GC ground Pangar in order to avoid weird movement of hover units (issue #3334)
- P3R 636 (ground): Added ground capturables
- P3X-367 (ground): Fixed affiliation of some turret build pads, added new path from starting position, fine-tuned passability map, minor map adjustments (issue #0003399)
- P3X-116 (ground): Updated starting landing zone
- P3X-666 (ground): Increased starting popcap to 4 (resolves #0003419)
- Tartarus (ground): Added Base Shield marker (resolves #3388)
- Tartarus (space): Updated sun settings to make battles easier to read (resolves #003406)
- Tollana (ground): Fixed wrong affiliation of the turret build pads preventing them from showing up on the map
- Vorash (ground): Fixed reinforcement point capacity (resolves #3370), exchanged Teltak prop for capturable unit

- Adjusted Vorash mission goal (resolves #0003317)
- Added new event texts for System Lord GC and made some corrections/improvements (resolves #3352, resolves #3357, resolves #3365)
- Added new ability name for Tok'ra Commando, secondary objective to The Sentinel and new tooltip for targetable hangars (resolves #3394, resolves #3367, resolves #3373)
- Added additional text to barracks, hangar and vehicle factory of all playable factions saying that the buildings spawns a unit in battle (resolves #0003417)
- Removed the mentioning of fleet commanders in the description of Goa'uld Temple, Tau'ri Academy and Wraith Breeding Station (resolves #0003420)
- Various text corrections and improvements based on community feedback

A subset of these changes also made it to stable. Check out our changelog page for details!

Thanks again to everyone who provided feedback so far! Fell free to join our Discord in order to let us know what you think about the latest changes.


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